Thursday, December 26, 2013

Mother-in-law's day!

Yes, on Christmas day, it was mother-in-law's day. It means that we spent the day with her and she was the one who did the cooking. Well, I have nothing against it. She is an excellent cook. Her house is always open for everybody especially me, although I came from  an unknown country, for her before. But through me, she got to know the land and the Philippine's culture. 
After eating breakfast at Christmas day, I cleaned our bathroom and toilet. It is not one usually do on Christmas day, but it needs to be done. After that I wrote a post in my blogs and then we went to my mother-in-law's house.

There was no rain or snow. Beautiful sunset when we arrived at my mother-in-law's house. 

God's hands painting! Makes one very thankful for the sight.

But look who who  wished us welcome when we came!  A Santa lighting the stairs for us, as if we don't know the way to the door:)

Meet the Christms tree girls. We had been taking pictures beside Christmas trees all the time that soon it will be our new names:)

Surprise! Under Christmas tree is my knitted Mrs. Santa which I gave to my mother-in-law as a gift. She really likes it here:)

Christmas decoration here.

beautiful flowers

Then, dinner again: Roasted lamb, cooked potatoes and carrots, brussels sprouts and gravy sauce.

 For our dessert. She must of course contribute to our calorie intake for the day:)

Coffe time! We had to taste her Christmas cookies and coffee liqueur although we are sweet enough before:)

While we were enjoying the calorie bombs, we watched tv at the same time and I crocheted a pair of potholder.

Everything seems so wonderful, but still we have something to remember. 
Ending this post with this prayer
Father, let our ears be tune in to you and not to the cares of this world. Fill our hearts with joy as we listen to you. Lift up our downcast souls and let us experience your heavenly presence, so that we will not seek gratification from places that brings us to destruction.
Thank you for always listening to the cry of our hearts and for knowing our thoughts.
Fill this mind of ours with your wisdom and our hearts with your desires so that we won't bring disgrace to your name. I pray in Jesus name.


  1. I liked that Santa,decoration is awesome :)

  2. Awww... double celebrations pala kayo jan nung Christmas day Mommy Joy :))

    Belated Happy Birthday kay Mother-in-Law nyo ^_^

    mga ilang minutes or oras pala bago kayo makatapos ng isang potholder?

  3. Oh.di nya birthday fiel- kun:)
    About celebration. Ganon dito. Christmas eve and christmas day ay puro kainan:)
    Yong potholder ay kaya tapusin ng 2 hours fiel- kun kung simple lang at la design tulad ng ginawa ko:)
    Thanks for always visiting:)

  4. nice ... may Mother's In Law day pala jan he he he ... ayaw ni Pepe Pimentel ng ganiyan .... joke he he ... Happy New Year !

  5. nice outfit kamilla and the christmas decorations are all cute esp the santa in the staircase and the one that u did

  6. cute ng mga decoration.... lalo na ang Christmas Tree.... at ganda ng pics nyo po..... ngayon ko lang nalaman na may Mother's Law day pala diyan hehehe

    Happy to know na enjoy ang Christmas Nyo... HUgs from me... ^^

  7. You have a nice family. Enjoy the new year.

  8. what a lovely prayer ate joy,
    by the way belated happy bday sa mother in law nyo po

  9. Merry christmas mommy joy :) love love love! Sau hi to ur mother in law and to ur beautiful daughter!

  10. The Santa decoration is adorable. It is no wonder that your MIL liked it a lot.
    and yes, tell her my mouth watered with the dinner feast she prepared. :-)
    I's not yet too late - but a Merry Christmas season to all. :-)


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