Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Unforgettable birthday celebration!

Birthday celebration was held in Kraggerø where my niece Lindsey and family lives. Here is the view from their porch.

Lindsey invited us not only because of her youngest son's christening, but also to celebrate her mother's golden year.

Her is my sister Lida who had lost her hair because of a sickness that can be cured or not.
story here: http://joysnotepad.blogspot.no/2013/08/tragedy-made-our-hearts-aches.html

Lida Fuentebella Skogen

We were really looking forward for this day, but a few days before her birthday celebration, her adoptive mother died and she had to go home to the Philippines for the funeral. 

Story about here adoption here: http://joysnotepad.blogspot.no/2013/07/a-lost-that-changed-our-lives.html

Since she couldn't be present on her birthday, we sent her birthday greetings with this balloon.

Christian og Tracy
Christian, my niece husband who was missing her mother-in-law chicken soup asked my brother -in-law Alf if he knows how to slaughter chickens. As you can see, they have a small poultry. And some of the rooster are getting old, but he couldn't do it. My brother-in-law who grew up in a farm told Christian that  he can do the slaughtering.

They have also Pheasants, but they are sacred:)

But my niece Lindsey told us that there are more than enough food in the house, so they don't need to do it. So the rooster saved their lives that day:)
Anyway, she made pancit as lunch for everybody. My niece can really cook:) Delicious!

Then she prepared dough for homemade pizza to be served in that evening.
Everybody made their own toppings.

It was really fun for everybody. Family bonding that we will never forget.

We baked pizza in this open fireplace outside.

The results. We ate and we ate until we were full.

Afterwards, we sung birthday song to the celebrant and posted it on her fb account. 

Me and my sister's youngest daughter Tracy

My sister's adorable grandkids

When it was dark, we sent more birthday wishes to Lida with this balloon. Actually, we sent a lots of them.

Afterwards. Lindsey suggested that we can draw each other. She begun drawing her aunt's face and her son. Lindsey is an artist and she paints and draws and do a lot of arts. Very creative.

My brother -in-law then got the task to draw me since his wife told us that he is very good in drawing. 
But I think he needs a new pair of glasses:) Here is the result.

It does not look like me. Do you agree?

Anyway, my turn to draw him and I think it looks a litlle bit like him.

Well, it was really a very nice celebration although without the birthday celebrant, but what made it more unforgettable was when this open fireplace started to burn. Then firemen, policemen, and the ambulance came to the rescue. The whole neighborhood was awakened of course. Luckily, they managed to stop the fire before it burned the houses and everyone was relieved. 

Bye for now. Next will be the christening of Lindsey's son:)



  1. nakakatuwa naman yung pag send ng baloon with greetings... Happy brithday po sa kanya :D

  2. SO MEMORABLE NGA.pro c tracy my asawa na din pla.now ko lng nalaman

  3. Tisoy kaayo ang partner ni Cecilie..akoa na lang. Haha.

  4. Awww... very touching naman po ung ginawa nyong celebrations for Lindsey's mom :))

    natuwa ako sa dami ng foods :))

    at mabuti po, naagapan agad ung fireplace... katakot naman >_<

    Happy Christmas Mommy Joy!

  5. Ka touch nga fiel- kun. Thanks:)
    Merry Christmas too:)

  6. Ay buti naagapan yung apoy Mami.

    That was a very cute and nice thing to do, to send Bday wishes by baloon.

    1. OO nga June. Buti di nasunog ang house.
      Yes, sending the balloons was a very memorable deed:)

  7. that pizza would be cool to try

  8. I love reading your blog and seeing all the wonderful pictures and knowing about all that is happening in your life! You are such a DEAR blessing to me, Joy. You will never know how many times you have uplifted me by reading my devotionals and leaving encouragement for me in the comments. God has placed you in my life to keep me going, when I feel like giving up and stopping the whole thing. Thank you for every kind word and for all you do to mind God. You are very special, and I trust God will give you and your family a wonderful, blessed Christmas and a happy, healthy new year. Love, Cheryl

    1. Thanks for this heartwarming comment Cheryl. You made me teary eyed. I wish you all the best too:)

  9. Replies
    1. Magaling talaga magluto si Lindsey Michelle:) Like you:)

  10. It looks like everyone had a wonderful time! How nice!

    1. Yes, it was a wonderful time for everybody McGuffy Ann:)

  11. Wow! that was amazing! Loving Family! these are the things that others don't have - a happy family most especially.. Thanks ate for sharing...

    1. welcome Mary Ann. May kasunod pa:)

  12. another great time. nice drawing mommy joy. hahaha u got a talent huh.

  13. What a nice celebration --but sorry your sister couldn't be there. Sending the balloon to her was so special…. Love that idea.

    Your niece is a very talented young lady… I know that you enjoyed being with them to celebrate both occasions… Can't wait to see photos of the Christening.

    Merry Christmas.

    1. Yes, Betsy. We missed my sister. Anyway, we had fun though:)
      Merry Christmas and hugs from me too:)

  14. Thanks Jei Son. Trying hard:)

  15. I think you had a great time and and had fun , all in family :)

  16. never tried cooking pizza pero parang ang fun nya gawin hehe
    and mukang masarap
    anyway, galing mo pala mag sketch ate joy ee

  17. That was not such a good portrait of you Ms Joy, you look much prettier :)

    You have beautiful sisters, nieces and cute grandkids - mana mana :)


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