Thursday, May 30, 2013

Picnic with my hubby!

Actually, my husband is going to leave this day to work again ombord the ship, but the ship was late, so he stayed at home for one more day. So, after work I suggested that we go to a picnic in the nearby river, since the weather was very enticing. The place is twenty minutes drive from where we live. And then we went.

This is the place. We were alone, so it was like Adam and Eve in the paradise:) The last time we had picnic here was when our daughter was a small girl. Now she is 19 tears old. 

                  Come along and  enjoy the beauty around. It is for free:)

My husband's job: Barbecued our dinner. He is the kindest man ever...

                                So I just can relax and do the sun bathing!

Time to cool down..... I maybe smiling, but the water was chilling cold:)

                Some picture taking while waiting for the food:) My shadow!

                                                             My foot.......

Anyway, after eating our dinner, we just laid on a sleeping pad that we brought with us and admired the beauty above  while the birds sung for us.

Listened to the sound of the gushing water from the river.

 Finaly, time to say again to this place. Hope we can come back soon. Today, my husband is leaving . Four weeks being apart again,  but I am happy because we had this memorable time together.

 Saying goodbye with this beautiful sunset taken from my bedroom's window at 11 pm. That is where I am. The land of the midnight sun.



  1. Woot woot what a lovely and sexy wifey having a picnic with the hubby :) - SWEET!

    Natuloy pa bagng umalis si hubby? ha ha Nice one Joy!

  2. Thanks Balut. Yes, my husband is leaving tonight.

  3. Wow ate Joy, sexy mo naman! The place looks lovely, I wish there is such a place nearby where I could just go whenever I please.

  4. Thanks Marjorie. Oo nga. Masuwerte kami pag summer at mainit dito. Maraming puede puntahan. Libre pa:)

  5. Thank you for your comments on my new story, "Milksop" at I am glad you were able to spend another day with your husband before he had to leave. I am sure he enjoyed the day too!

  6. The landscape there looks quite beautiful! But I don't know if I could get used to the sun setting at 11 PM....

  7. Mommy Joy!! Ang sexy mo.. kinabog mo ko ah! haha.. It's sad that hubby needs to leave but then ang bongga ng pa-despedida mo sa kanya.. ang iyong gorgeous body! hehe.. :P

  8. oh Joy...this place is amazing...really like Adam and Eve..I'm glad you two got to spend such a great day before your husband had to ship out. Hope your weekend is wonderful

    1. Thanks Nikki. I am enjoying my week end now. Hope you too:)

  9. Ang sexy mo Joy. Love the place too.

  10. You found a lovely spot for a picnic. Don't wait so long to do it again! I wished my hubby can cook so I can just lounge around too. Haha!

  11. Hi hi. Yes, but I have to wait for him again and the nice weather:)


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