Friday, May 17, 2013

La Luz Resort ( Philippines)

My older sister, who also lives in Norway and I had been planning to have a family reunion with our relatives in the Philippines. Last March, we got the chance to go to the Philippines. We took the opportunity to invite each and everyone. 
But since it was peak season, my second daughter in the Philippines had trouble finding a place where we can have an out of town trip. Luckily, she managed to avail a day trip package in La Luz Resort for 36 people. We grabbed the offer  since there were no more rooms available for overnight.

Here is La Luz  Resort and me walking. Borrowed pictures from from daughter's

This is how it looks like there. 

The Cabanas that we rented

Breakfast was included in our package . We arrived at 8 am in the morning. They served drinks upon our arrival.

This is the place were they served the lunch...... 

and the snacks

Anyway, it is really a place to enjoy the sun and relax.

The best part: soaking ourselves in seawater.

Me and my two eldest daugthers

My granchildren...six of them. Bonding time.

But not everybody wanted to swim. My son preffered  his Ipad

My sister's grandson took  a nap

My son- and- law and his son wanted a time for themselves

A group of people having fun by playing at the beach.

Then at the end, picture taking with my sisters and mother as a rememberance. 

My children with their own families

and the rest of the clan:)

We were not complete because not all can be present, but we will cherish this day for sure because who knows if there will be a next time again. 



  1. superlike,he he he when is the next,hope and pray that i'll be there too,,,

  2. Beautiful family, Joy. I agree with you, even all are not there but you have to be thankful you had the chance to see each other especially your kids. I envy, you have a big family.

    1. Thanks Mhie:)
      I was very happy being with them:)

  3. After 48yrs, naiblog na rin. =)

    1. Oo nga:) dami kasi event na nagaganap:

  4. I love La Luz.. Gusto namin pumunta jan nina Zai kaso fully booked na nga overnight gang ngayong May.. You have a wonderful family, Mommy Joy! And your mom, just like you, looks really young..

    1. Thanks Joanne. Yes, maganda nga don:) makapunta din siguro kayo one day:)

  5. Very nice resort ate Joy, your family pictures makes me feel jealous i miss mine :(

  6. Thanks Leah:) I miss them now too:)

  7. Buti nag-kasama-sama kayo. Palagay ko, tuwang-tuwa at proud na proud ang Nanay mo para sa inyong magkakapatid. Ang layo ng inyong narating. :-) NAtutuwa akong makita ang pamilya mo - very inspiring, Joy.

  8. You have a beautiful family and how wonderful that you got to spend such quality time in such a lovely place! You are truly blessed. Thank you so much for visiting househoneys and joining our hop! We are so happy to have you and I'm a new follower :).


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