Sunday, May 19, 2013

Bonding time with family!

This is the second part of my visit in  Stavanger where my younger sister lives and daughter with her family. First part here:

Second day. My sister took me to the center of the town.  It was raining, but still I tried to capture the beauty around.

This is a church. 

Inside in one of the malls there. I wanted to buy an umbrella so that I won't get wet outside.

Fashion in Norway

Out again to see more of the sorroundings.

Another church

                                               In the park

No people in sight. So I took a shot of this boy made maybe of bronze ... I was not sure:)

                                 But there was life in the lake:) The swans.... pairs.........

  ........... and alone...

Anyway, Lida and I went to another mall to meet the young ones....

Kamilla, my daughter with her cousins: Tracy and Cecilie.............

and with my sister's grand daughter Vilde. Isn't she sweet? My daughter asked me if we could take the baby home, which of course a wish that was not granted:)

After some shopping, we were hungry and found an Italian pizza restaurant with mouth watering and crispy pizza:) And we just couldn't wait to eat:)

Then afterwards we separated. The two young ones went with Cecilie where they were staying and me to my sister's flat.

And again she made yummy dinner for us. 

Thank you my dear sister Lida:)

There will be  a third part of this post because I can't put everthing in one entry. See you again friends:)



  1. ung last picture c te lida,my hawig kay te lo

  2. close pa rin kau kahit nasa labas ng pinas na mommy noh. at ganda ng daughter nyo

  3. Thanks Phioxee:)
    Have a nice week:)

  4. the place is beautiful and clean, ang sarap mag-ikot-ikot at mag-picture-picture. :)

  5. Thank you for sharing your lovely visit with your sister. Your photos are beautiful and I am so happy you enjoyed your time with family.

  6. Joy, I missed you. It is pretty hectic at my office and I can seldom peep at my mails and blog friends.
    Those are lovely shots with you sister. Where is Stavanger? Is it a part of Norway?

    I will be back soon. Hugs and blessings!

    1. Missed you too sis Lolita.
      Yes, Stavanger is a part of Norway. One hour by plane from my place.
      Thanks for visiting:)

  7. Beautiful photographs of a country I would love to visit! My favourite pics are the ducks...and of course the lovely little baby. thanks for visiting me:)

  8. gaganda ng daughters. nag mana kay mommy

  9. you have such an adorable great-niece

  10. Your daughter is really pretty! :) Mukhang napakasarap ng pizza! :D

    1. Thanks avagabondmom:) sarap nga ng pizza:)


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