Monday, April 23, 2012

Molde: The city of roses!

I have been blogging about the highlights of my summerlife in Norway and this is one of them. Visit to the city of roses.

Molde in the summer is idyllic, full of roses and jazz-music, and one of the most popular arrivals of the Coastal Voyage , the Hurtigruten.

Me and my beloved husband. A passer by took a picture of us. 

In the city square. Flowers everywhere!

Flowers at the seaside!

In front of the hotel where we stayed!

Pink roses !

Red roses!

Assorted roses!

A park in the middle of the city!

Time to rest for my husband!

Wonderful view from the city square!

More flowers!

The statue of a flower girl!

Statue of a man playing jazz! My hubby wondered who was this man.

Statue of a man with the same name as the former King Olav. 

And my hubby who is a sailor found something interesting. An achor!

Part of the city park!

And this is the well known Aker stadium! 

Aker Stadion, formerly known as Molde Stadion, is a football stadium located at Reknes in Molde, Norway, and is the home of Norwegian Premier League club Molde. The stadium has a capacity of 11,800 spectators.[1]
The building was designed by architect Kjell Kosberg. It cost NOK 212 million, most of which was paid for by club-owner Kjell Inge Røkke—after whom the ground has been nicknamed "Røkkeløkka
Source: Wikepedia

The seaside !

One of the hotels in the area!

This is the main church built just after the second world war, as the wooden church was bombed during the war.

City's Municipal hall

Man-made water fall in the middle of the city!

As you can see the streets are quite narrow in  comparison with most Eupopean citys and many Norwegian towns. Molde is a very small town.

Parking lot intrance!

Part of the city!

Nice flower decoration in front of a shopping mall.

This one too!

We only stayed in Molde for one night and one day. A beautiful city worth visiting!

"Thought for the day"

You can experience serenity in the midst of your busy life by inviting God into the normal, mundane moments of your day.   Source: Simple living for busy people.


  1. All the flowers--so beautiful. They feed the soul, don't they? I enjoy seeing your photographs. The sculptures are amazing, too.

  2. Lovely. Thank you for sharing Joy! Blessings.

  3. All these flowers remind me of spring which seems to be avoiding us here in Spain. It's getting colder instead o the other way around!

    Spanish Pinay

    1. My sentiments exactly!
      But ive got one word to describe all your photos - BEAUTIFUL!

  4. Awww! love it! Ate Joy I guess my hubby will love that anchor more place to put in the list! :) thanks for sharing :)

  5. your blog is so informative esp. since I know little of Norway. Thanks for the info and for the visit :)


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