Friday, November 25, 2011

My place in autum!

                                                          Autum pictures!

This place is one kilometer from my home!

This picture is taken from the nearby town which is called Trondheim!

In the town center where I live!

Autum flowers from my garden.

The leaves that changed  their green color  to red and orange!

On the way to the seaside!

The seaside in autum!
Seaside in another angle! This is daytime, but it is already dark!

Wow! I found wild flowers that were still blooming!

                                        The trees nearby!


These pictures were taken last autum. Now is wintertime and the leaves had fallen and only the branches remain. I am still waiting for the snow to come. Then it will be brighter around, but much work shoveling the snow. Anyway, Michi, my daughter in the Philippines wanted to see autum in Norway. So I took some pictures for her to see :)

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