Monday, November 14, 2011

The gifts!

Soon it will be Christmas time and  many  of us are already  in the shopping mood. And the shops are selling everything that our hearts desire.
But think about it! Most of us had already recieved  gifts too many to count. The day we were born,  our birthdays, anniversaries, christmasses and so on. Still, we desire more gifts!

Anyway, the question is:
-Whom do we give our gifts?

First on the list  is our loved ones. Then after that maybe friends or someone we believe deserve a gift.

But are we happy when we give a present? What is our intention in giving?
If we can afford to buy those gifts, and if we love those we are going to give the gifts, then we are a happy giver. It is our desire to make them happy.  But if we cant't afford to buy gifts, but the reciever expects us to give, then it can be a burden for us.
Sometimes we don't like the person that expects gift from us and we are reluctant to give. Or maybe we only give because we expect to recieve a gift in return. Still, we have to give.
But are we happy when someone gives us a gift?
Usually, we are happy to recieve a gift, but sometimes if we don't like the gift that we received, because we already had that thing that the other person had given us, or maybe we expect something better, then deep inside us, we are not satisfied  and can be unthankful. Actually, we should be thankful just to receive something from other people. Strange though, because the people who already have more expect to recieve more, but those that are lacking, they are so thankful just to receive one gift.
As humans, sometimes we are happy to give or to receive a gift.
But I know someone who had willingly given us a priceless gift. That someone is the Almighty God.

 And God gave and gives and gives .........................
 Just think of God's creation that He has created for us. The heaven, the stars, the moons and the planets.
 And this beautiful earth for us to inhabit. Think of the oceans, the seas, the mountains, the trees, the plants, the flowers just to name a few. So many different colors. 


And everybody can agree with me that everything that God created is wonderful. God has created us too. It means that we are beautiful. That is why we must not criticise each other. We are God's workmanship. We are created in His image.

That is why I want to thank God who had given us gifts to many to count and even more.

                                     God: He is the greatest gift of all! 


  1. just like your other post.. very inspirational itong post na ito... I agree... mas marami pang maibibigay si God sa atin,. at minsan di natin iyon inaasahan...

    Malapit na ulit ang christmas...

  2. Thanks for commenting for this post of mine which I wrote last year. And now, soon it will be christmas again:)


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