Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy day with friends!

It was a sunny day and when the sun is up, then were out. Smiling and feeling that nothing can go wrong. So me and my friend drove to a nearby restaurant to taste their salat for the day.

Jasemin's restaurant grill and their meny.

And my friend choosing which kind of salat she is going to order.

It seems that no one was hungry but us. No customers in sight although it was already one o'clock pm.

No one at this corner too!

Luckily, Elvis Presley is around the corner!

But I was so hungry, so people or not I am going to eat. 

I ordered  chicken salat and I took a bite  before I took the picture. Really hungry:)

My friend  chose this salat. She said that  we are going to eat grass that day. And so we did:) And I can now understand why the cows loves to eat grass..... tastes good. hi hi

But we are still humans, so we ate bread with the salat. And these hot bread with butter melted in my mouth. After that I thought that I couldn't eat anymore that day.

 I was wrong. I was invited by another friend later that day to barbecue in her garden together with the girls in our Pinay group.

And how could I  resist this sweet woman who prepared all this food for us.

And night before she sewed this dress for our next Independence day celebration. Lelet is the model! And she made I believe three dresses already. I wonder where she is getting her energy...I need a lot of it.

Anyway picture taking is a must  and I found these beautiful flowers to decorate my background. In case you are wondering, I have to wear a hat under the sun so that I won't get a headache.

Watch out! This lady in the middle of the garden is really beautiful. Good that she was made of stone or else we have no chance to compete with her. 

But this picture touched my heart. The son of my friend Maria Stella playing with the cat. Isn't he cute and the cat that rolls around the ground?

My friend Jolly has green hands too. Look at her flowers!

And the other ladies came and we had just a wonderful day! And everybody agreed that we are going to celebrate our summer party on Maria Stella's 30th birthday next month. It will surely be fun and I will post about it too.

On the way home, this mountain of wild flowers captured my eyes and a nice ending of a happy day.



  1. Joy, gumimik na naman kayo ng favorite friend mo :) I love the restaurant concept especially with Elvis I won't mind eating "grass" there kahit walang tao ha ha...

    Kakainis lang ginutom ako sa kwento ma :(

  2. Wow---seems like you hit the jackpot with two wonderful meals in one day... That is so GREAT....

    We eat grilled chicken salads alot here ---so guess we enjoy the 'grass' also!!!!! ha

    Looks like the second meal was awesome also... Thanks for sharing.

  3. You made me hungry!! I love that chicken salad that you had! And I want barbeque too!

    The picture of the kiddo and that cat is so cute! Love!

  4. what a fun day, spent with friends and food! ang cute ni model Lelet, mas maganda pa sya sa stone statue :)

    really cute pic of the kid and the cat..the cat is huge, I thought it was a dog :)

    thanks for sharing this fun day that you had :)

  5. We also just had a barbecue today! Will post soon!

  6. beautiful pictures Joy...from the food to the friends.....wishing you a great thursday out there

  7. What a wonderful photo diary! I'm so glad you were so blessed!

  8. Just looking at the photos makes me smile.

    Thank you for joining Color Connection last week. Come and join this week, the linky is up now.

    PS.. please use the meme's badge wen linking up so your readers could join too please? Thanks!

  9. These are the things that I look forward to when payday comes actually hehe, out with a pinay friend for dinner and chika, then grillfest with a few pinay girls with their hubbies and kids on a bright sunny day.

  10. I wish I was there with you, Joy. I love your Pinay circle and I would have enjoyed all the good sites that declares God's glory.

    And the salads looked so delicioso!!!! Grrrr.....

    God bless you and your friends and the beautiful country where you are.


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