Sunday, July 22, 2012

The teacher

    Memories come and go. I had flashback in  my devotion today as  I read this verse:

    Luke 13:1 On a Sabbath Jesus was teaching in one of the synagoges......

    How about that? Think having Jesus nowadays as our teacher?  And then my mind went backwards in my childhood days. I had many teachers in my life  like each and everyone of us. But some definitely leaved a mark in our lives. Teachers that touched our hearts in one way or another.

    I remember, I was in grade two then and our religion teacher gave us a quiz to answer. The questions came from the bible. And the one who will get the highest score will receive a prize. Believe me, for one like me who haven't received any prize or gift at all in my eight years of life, that was huge. After the quiz and the teacher announced my name as the one who got the highest score and will get the prize, my world suddenly became very colorful. Then everyone noticed me not because of my old clothes and my appearance, but because I proved to them that at least I was a diligent student. If they only knew that the only book we had at home was the New Testament and I read it many times and that is why I know all the stories in it. And the prize was one pad paper and a ballpen. My, oh my, when my teacher gave those things to me, I felt that she had given me a treasure. But, soon enough I have to use that treasure to write and write on. But I can't forget my teacher. I thought she was an angel sent by God to me.

    When I was in third grade and since I love to read, I always borrow books in our school library and got to know the librarian. She knows how badly our situation was and she told me that if I want I can live with her family and she can pay for my school expenses. But in return I will help her with the household chores and everything in the house. I really wanted  to finish a degree one day  and be something . I asked my mother, but she told me that I have to decide for myself. But seeing all the chores to do in her house, I did not accept her offer because I felt that I will be a prisoner in her house doing this and doing that and won't have any time to read or play outside the sun. I don't know if I hurt her feelings, but she was not so friendly to me after that. But, I still remember her.

    As I grow up, I learned a lot not only from teachers, but from all the people that God sent into my path along the way. Learned things that I shoudn't have done and things that I should have done.
    Then I realized whether we like it or not,we actually are all teachers. As parents, we were the first teachers of our children. 

    My mother was my first teacher. She teached me how to write my name before I started the first grade in school. I was so proud of myself when I finally can write my name on paper.

    Then after many years, it was my turn to teach my children.  Teach them what I also learned that I think  was right. They also learned from me behavior or traits that formed them as they are today. 

    But what kind of teachers are we?

    How we behaved at home, outside our homes, with friends, with co/workers can inspires others to do both good or bad.

    Jesus showed us what kind of teacher we should be. Wise, righteous,
    compassionate, but teach with authority. He showed everything by what he did and how he treated others.



  1. JOy...I just loved reading this. It was a window into your soul...your spirit and a lesson to walk in kindness b/c we never know who is going through what. That woman who offered to help you with school but you'd have to clean her house....I think it's good you didn't take it b/c if she wasn't so nice to you when you declined...then maybe she would have made life very hard for you if you had accepted. I think you made the right choice. Have a great day out there shine in my world.

    1. YOu made me teary eyed by your comment Nikki. Thank you so much and God bless you more:)

  2. Beautiful post, Joy. I too have teachers that bring back wonderful memories to me --as a child growing up. My all-time favorite teacher was my Junior High and High School Band Director. Her name was Mrs. MacChesney --but we all called her Ms. Mac... She was fabulous in every respect, and her bands won awards after awards... My love for music started with her. She was also one of the first women band directors in our country. She loved us --but we also respected her.

    I was a teacher in my days out of college. I hope that I was only half as good as Mrs. Mac. May God rest her soul.


    1. Thanks for sharing yours Betsy and I believed itin my heart that yoo were a good teacher. I wish I had you then:)

  3. You've got a smart young mind thinking about that you will not be able to read and play had you accepted the offer of your teacher to live with her.

    The teachers I remember the most:
    1. I dislike all my elementary & high school math teachers - they all fail to teach me to love the Match subject :(
    2. I adore my Department Dean in college - I learned from her 50% of my confidence w/c have been really useful.
    3. I like and dislike my Spanish prof who made us memorized "Mi Ultimo Adios" lol.

  4. Wow, thanks for sharing your stories with your teachers Balut> ako din, di rin magaling sa math. hi hi.Thanks for sharing:)

  5. Hi Joy,

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a message. Nice story! Jesus is our greatest teacher and he places people in our lives to teach us as well.


  6. Thanks for stopping by too judy:)

  7. Your post was a wonderful examples of teachers in our lives and how Jesus is our Ultimate teacher. We too teach others by rote and by example.
    Thank you for your lovely comments on my recent post.

  8. This one great post, Joy.

    I like to think about my teachers who had impacted my life... there were bad ones and super good ones.

    I can remember way back in G-1. My teacher liked to kiss me because I was always neat.

    Then at G-2, after being sick for a while, I came into a busy class, rehearsing our field demonstration dance. Because I had to come in line, I tried my best but I did not learn fast, she hit my head. After that I struggled to do well and got the first row in our line. We won the competition because my classmates had to follow my sway.

    My grade six teacher was so motherly, I learned more from our all girls meetings than from my Momma, about adolescent and grooming.

    My 4th year teacher was the best of all. She fought for our section. And even after graduation, we were already in College, she still asked about how we were. And she gave us referrals for jobs.

    And you are right, our teachers, our parents did well to teach us, but only Jesus is the Master of all of them.

    I am so glad, he has chosen me too.

    1. Thank you so much for sharing your experiences with your teachers Lolita. It is very interesting to read your past and present. By the way, I had only memories with my elementary teachers because I had to stopped the school after that because of circumstances. But when I came to Norway, I resume my study. Just self study because I had to work to support my children to school too. I took exams and finished college her. With God's help, I managed to do it. That is why I am so thankful:)

  9. What a precious post. I, too, would have loved to have Jesus as a teacher. I did have a few who reminded me of God. One read us books in the afternoon if we finished our work in the morning. I remember him reading us Gentle Ben with tears running down his cheeks.


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