Thursday, July 19, 2012

Villa Escuedero!

It is been a while since I've seen my loved ones in the Philippines. And seeing our pictures together lessen the feelings of deprivation. 

Last year I visited my family in my homecountry and one of the highlights was to see Villa Escudero. 

                                                            The entrance. They are going to put stamp on our hands!

My daughter-in-law, my son and my mother on the way to the entrance.

My granchildren found a friend. But he won't play with them.

By the way I have 6 grandchildren and the youngest is Aerith. She is one year old now.

Picture taking again!

 My son-in-law with his son and my daughter with her daughter.

Wow, there is an airplane here too. The owner of Villa Escuedero must have been a very rich man.

I wonder if the owner of these place was afraid of war. Oh my, he was prepared for an attack as I can see!

Well, time to explore the rest of the place. And here are the carriage.
We are at the entrance.  The carabao is going to transport us to the heart of Villa Escuedero . No need for gas, but poor animal.
I remember when I was a child, I have seen the carabaos plowing the fields before rice planting, but they changed their career. Now, they are use to pull the carriage. I suppose they can't complain. Tragic fate?
Anyway, before I can make you cry, let us continue the journey.

As you can see at the picture,  everybody were so curious to see how this place looks like. I wonder what they are thinking? Everybody were speechless.

Well the trip with the carriage was very enjoyable because this lady and the guitar man sung songs for us. Filipino songs that pulled me way back when I was young...mmm younger than I am now. They were really good. I wish I could sing well too. But, no camplaining, I like to hear others sing for me. I feel like a millionair for a little while. 

Wow E.T is here too waving to us passerby! Maybe he is on vacation too.

What happen to the animals? Transformed to be a stone? Maybe Medusa was here on vacation too?

Remember Medusa? If you look into her eyes, you will be change into a stone.

Anyway, back to the story...again

Now it's coconut harvest season, but the people turned out to be  stones too. Must keep an eye on Medusa. Don't want to be here forever as a sculpture of stone.

But guess what? Some are just enjoying the heat of the sun:) Well  there is always a difference between people.

At last we are now in the heart of Villa Escuedero and we are starving. So  two of my granchildren tried fishing. But the fish won't bite. But I believe there is food somewhere else  here.....

Well, me and my first daughter decided to explore the river. Believed me no one of us can paddle and we didn't reach half of the journey:) 

But my second daughter and her hubby did a better job. Hi hi

Anyway this place was perfect for soul. body and spirit. Feels like home....

 I might be boring you now. This post is longer than I thought it would be. So, this will be the part one. I will be posting the next part in my next post because I still have  a lot of fun things to share. Hope you will be there too .


  1. Kumusta Joy?

    You have a very nice blog and a lovely family; I look forward to reading more of your blog! Thanks for commenting on and following mine.

    Villa Escuedero looks really neat. I am sure that my wife and daughter (who is almost 9) would love it, hopefully next time we come to Philippines we can get to this area. Very picturesque, and lots of interesting and unusual things to see and for the little ones to do - your Apos are adorable, by the way. The bamboo rafts would be really a fun experience for us. I've never been to this area of the Philippines and I don't think my wife has been there when she was younger, too. Always nice to explore a new area.

    Your flowers in the post below are amazing!

    All the best to you and your family, ingat!

  2. Wow buzz, thanks for the wonderful comment and for visiting too. I can see that you learned tagalog too:) see you around:) regards to your beAutiful girls:)

  3. I like to visit Villa Escudero too because I heard that it's a very good place. But my family lives in Mindanao and it is hard for all of us to go to Luzon it would be a lot of money to shed, lol! I miss the buko! ^_^

    1. Yes, and me too wants to visit MIndanao, but I have a big family, so I just put it in my dreams Kim. Anyway, I will just follow your blog and I can see MIndanao through it:)

  4. Wow, I wish I went with you. Never been to Villa Escudero. Is it located in Bicol, Joy?

    Great time you had with your family. What joy, like your name!

    1. Thanks for the visit Sister Lolita. Not in Bicol, but in Laguna. But I believe they have Villa Escuedero in Bicol too!

  5. Wow Joy, I like the place and the bamboo anong tawag nyan?,hehehhe,kahit siguro ako di ako maka paddle nyan....I will put this on my travel list sana makapunta kami dyan ng family ko at parent ko...

    1. Bamboo raft Mhie. it is a nice place to visit:)

  6. I can see why you miss your beautiful homeland...and all your sweet family members. Thanks for sharing both with us~

  7. How JOYFUL, Joy..... I love seeing your family --and all of the fun you all had together... I know you miss your home country. I certainly would---if I were living away from the USA...

    Thanks for sharing.... Looked like SO SO much fun... (Love seeing your grandchildren!!!)

    1. thanks Betsy. I appreciate very much your visits and coments:)

  8. Oh my oh my, I envy you sistah hahaha.. I miss Philippines. I wonder if this is own by the Escuderos from Sorsogon?

    Thank you for joining last week's Color Connection. Come and join again this week. The linky is up now.

    1. Di ko alam kung kung if it is own by Escuederos from Sorsogon, but this place is in Laguna. Thanks chubskulit for the visit. I will surely link with your Color Connection:)

  9. Hi Joy,
    it's been wonderful to see all of the beautiful photos of your family and of your homeland. Thank you so much for sharing them with us! I hope you have a wonderful day!

  10. I'm looking forward to see the V.Escudero falls in the dining area on your next post. I've heard something like that.

    1. yes Olivr, i have wonderful pictures about the waterfalls dining area. Thanks for following:)

  11. Ganda naman ng place.. Perfect for a vacation:)

    Mine is up- hope you can stop by..

  12. Gand anga don Leah. Thanks for visiting:)

  13. What a beautiful blog you have and your photos are lovely. I'm a new follower. Nice to meet you Joy!

  14. I've been hearing this Villa Escudero as a very nice place to see through and my only regret is why I haven't gone there when I was still based in Laguna which is how many hours ride to there. Well, I guess there is another time set to visit that place in time :)

    Nice trip!


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