Monday, July 23, 2012


When our cousin and her daughter came to visit us from Germany, we went to the bowling hall in another town. Just 15 minutes drive away from my place. Since the weather was not nice, we found out that we can instead do this indoor activity.

And her I am, going to try my luck. Maybe it will be strike.

My brother-in-law and my sister competing with each other while my cousin and her daughter waiting for their turn. Who's gonna win.......

And the winner is...yours truly. Well, I just got lucky that day.

Anyway, bowling is like one's life. We have a goal and we aimed at the goal, then throws our best shot, but not everytime we get a strike.  Sometimes the ball goes to the side canal instead. Or I may say that we didn't reach our goal in life. Frustrating. 

How many times we tried to reach our goal in life and just be disappointed because things does not went well as we wanted it to be? We were on the way, but the world keeps sidetracking us. We stumble and fall ang stumble and fall. We can't just get it right. 

I know someone who is very dear to me. She had tried so many times to do  lot of things, but keep failing and failing all over again.  It is really frustrating. My heart bleeds for her. Sometimes I ask God why is it so. Does He not care or love this dear woman? Who's fault is it? How long will she wait to be successfull in work , love and in health? It seems that there is no ending of starting all over again. Another goal...another way....another job. Why is it seems easier for others but not for her? And I asked the Lord how can I to make life easier for her? 

 Like in bowling, why it seems that it easy for others to get a strike, but not easy for me?  Do I need  more practice or I may say that if one have a talent, then you have it no matter what?

Then God reminds me that people lives are not in my hands. It will not help me thinking all the night how I can change this woman's life. But I can just go along with her along the way, praying, lending  a helping hand if it is needed and trust God for the rest.

And he remind me of his words...

Trust in the Lord with all your heart
and lean not into your own understanding;
in all your ways acknowledge him, 
and he will make your paths straight.
Psalm 3:7-8

Like this flower that are here today and gone tomorrow, but it does not worry. It's goal was to share it's beauty and let the Creator do the rest. 
Is there someone out there who has  a goal that seems unreachable? Or accomplished goal? Wanna share it with us? It can inspires or gives lesson to many. Hope to hear from you!


  1. I love bowling. We seldom bowl though because of the kids hehehe.

    Oiiist nice to know na bicolana ka din pala hehehe..

  2. Great Joy, You know what its been 4 years I never been in bowling...hehheheh

  3. I enjoyed your story about bowling. Glad you and your family had fun! Yes bowling is like life - we aim for the goal but sometimes we miss it. Very good example

  4. Oh joy, you have no idea how much reading this verse has lifted my spirits. I really needed this. Today life seems pretty hard. Thank you Joy :)

  5. Joy, I couldn't imagine where you were going with the bowling story. Such Wisdom! Thank you! Yes, life is definitely like bowling. You take your stand, shoot straight for the mark... Gutter...

    I wish I had words of Widsom in return. Everything in life is a struggle.

    I'm blessed by your compassion for your friend. She should only know how you feel. I hope she reads your post.

    God bless you!

    1. Thanks for the nice comment Diane. You too have much wisdom. It shows in your posts Diane:)Wisdom from God!

  6. I've tried bowling before and it was fun!! You won, congrats!
    Just like bowling din, bumabalik yun ball to give you another chance, it's up to you if you want to try again.. And tama, trust in God with all your heart!

    1. True Joanne, bumabalik ang ball and there will be new chance. And thanks for that added insight:)

  7. tagal na natin di nagbowling. kilala ko ba si dear woman? =D

  8. Nice comparison of bowling to true! I hope you enjoyed the time with your company :)

  9. pagdating sa bowling walang dadaig sa natamong kasikatan ng pinoy na si Paeng Nepomuceno...

  10. galing ni Ms. Joy! champion sa bowling! clap clap! :))


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