Sunday, May 6, 2012

Yes! I am not a child anymore!

 Month of may is  a busy month for the Norwegians. Not only they celebrate their National day ( 17th of may) in this month,

 it is also a time where the youth (15 year's old ) have their confirmation. It is like a stepping stone from childhood to adulthood. Some do it in church to renew their bows to God since they had been baptized.

Anyway, I was invited by my friend to her oldest daughter's confirmation. It was a church confirmation. 
And this is Michaela, my friend's oldest daughter inside the church.

After the ceremony. A picture together with the priestess, first from the left.

Not all people though want to involve religion in this kind of ceremony, so they have their own secular confimation. 
An initiation into the world of adulthood, a point of resistance against an oppressive religious order. 

Anyway, it is a big day for the young ones because this day they received lots of money as gifts and many more. 

Well at home at last and here is my friend preparing the table.

And her  sweet daughter Micaela, after the church confirmation.

The table is set and we are just waiting for the foods:)

But before we eat, Michaela's aunt gave a speech!

that touched the mother's heart and ours....

Then the foods were served. We ate the dishes together with potatoes and rice.

And the cakes......

  "Kranse kake". Typical norwegian cake to be served in confirmations or weddings.

fruit salat.....

and typical filippino cake made of cornflour etc..:)

And now, time to open the gifts...

Some og the gifts pluss money, money, money and

and flowers....

more flowers.....

And now the guests....

wearing Norwegian's national attire  to be used in special occasion like this.

But look....santa claus came to town in the month of may:)

Three nationalities: From the Philippines, Thailand and Norway

A norwegian couple. The woman had been Micaela's teacher in Norwegian language.

More guests, including your's truly, me.

A group picture before we leave...

And Michaela, her mother and aunt say goodbye to all!



  1. It looks like a beautiful and special ceremony :) The cakes look yummy and the flowers so picturesque. Thanks for sharing! :)

  2. wow! such a very rich culture... we also have that confirmation here in the Philippines, the "Kumpil" but it's not celebrated the same way as yours, I didn't receive any gift during my time :(

    1. malaking event talaga dito yan. I remember when my youngest daughter had her comfirmation, she recieved a lot of gifts and money. yong iba nga kaya lang nag confirmation dahil sa gifts and money. In two weeks time ay imbitado uli ako ng another pinay for her son's confirmation. This time it will be a catholic confirmation.

  3. Thank you for including us in your celebration. I love learning about other cultures and this was such an eye opener to yours. I loved every word and picture!
    And, RE your comment on my blog: I am 50 too! So I completely understand how it is to depend on God at this time in our lives.

  4. hey joy,
    what a nice post you have here. I agree with Shanda, we feel like we are included in the celebration.
    it seems the confirmation is a big deal in Norway. is there a particular meaning behind the cake "Kranse kake"?

    and how's summer with you? I read you mentioned you came from my site to roffe's site THANKS for the visit and for the mention.

    see you around!

    1. Hi "B". Di ko rin alam ang meaning behind that" kranse kake". Maybe I will ask my mother-in-law. Thanks for visiting too:)

  5. Hei og takk for din kommentar. Jeg har hatt fem barn og like mange konfrimasjoner,så dette kjenner jeg godt til.

  6. I love going to parties with you, Joy! Thanks for taking along your blog family.

  7. Thank you for sharing such a special day. The pictures were beautiful and helped me see the importance of the occasion. Amazing food!

  8. What a wonderful time of celebration! I love that special cake served at confirmations! It looks so festive! Thanks for continuing to share!

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