Thursday, May 24, 2012

A day of gratitude!

I am so lucky and thankful to get a job in the nursing home here where I live and I am working there since 1991.

For that reason, it is easy for me to take the elderly for a tour outside the nursing home when the weather is nice. And I did that today!
We went to the seaside to fill our lungs with fresh air coming from the sea. 

And here she is really enjoying the view and the sun. Imagine, she haven't been out since last summer. Almost a year ago. I can almost feel her joy which she transmitted to me. A sickness of joy.
Anyway we were both happy when we came back to the nursing home and although my muscle was aching because it was heavy pushing the wheelchair, but I don't mind. It was worth. I just thank God for having the opportunity to make one's day special.

Another thing to be grateful about is my tulips that are now blooming!

                                                                    A yellow one!

a red one....

                                  an orange one......this in not a tulip

                                  Grateful for this wild flowers. They are also beautiful.

and for  my flowering cherry tree....

And for this citrus tree that I found in a flowers and  plants shop. Now I can make citrus juice everyday!

And for this delicious cake that we had eaten at work. 

And lastly, I am grateful for God's words for today!

How's your day?


  1. That's nice of you joy that you go with her and she enjoyed the cool breeze outside.

    I like your flower shots.stunning.

  2. What beautiful flower pictures! That was not me in the sunglasses...I haven't revealed a photo of myself yet...maybe someday. Many blessings to you!

  3. Thank you Joy for sharing at Tell Me a Story, about your day in the Sun. At my mother's care home, there was a large yard with flowers and that is as far as most of the residents were taken. I can view the happiness on your friends face at being able to breath in deeply of th sunshine and be near the water.

  4. poor granny to staying inside the nursing home for a year.. good thing there you are Joy to always give joy to these elders. Good job on making her very happy.

  5. hi....very nice....about po naman sa mga sinulat ko ay halos lahat ay gawa gawa ko lang....sinulat ko lang mula sa aking imahinasyon....

  6. Joy, you do so much to help the elderly--and that is so important. My brother was in a skilled nursing home facility for awhile with no family close by... I worried about him --and was hoping that people (like you) would stop by to see him on occasion... He died a couple of years ago. I still miss him --but he lived so far away from me. Thanks for what you do...

    Beautiful flowers. I especially love the first pastel set (white/pink/yellow)... Gorgeous!!!

  7. see how God blesses you. you have a wonderful job, you're privileged to help the elderly, and wow --- wonderful flowers ^_^ i don't like red but the deepness of the hue makes me wish the flowers here in Manila would bloom with that same hue. very gorgeous.

    1. Thanks for dropping by Perrine. Yes I am thankful for the opportunity that GOd has given me:)

  8. Such a kind heart you have Joy! You truly made her happy, just look at the smile on her face! By the way, bat parang lagi kayong kumakain ng cake dyan? hehehe!Nakakatakam kasi!

  9. Thanks Anney. About the cakes, normal lang kasi dito yan na lagi nag bake to serve visitors or just for the weekend. Unlike sa atin na almost special occasions lang. kaya tumataba kami dito. hi hi

  10. thank you for your example of kindness to others.
    have a great weekend!

  11. your posts always inspire me Joy. it's a habit going here and reading :)
    and I'm speechless on the tulips & wild flowers that you grow by yourself, more so the citrus tree in a plant!

  12. hi....nasa blog list na po stage 2..joys notepad....i hope malagay mo rin ako sa blog list mo....thanks..

  13. Joy great and lovely pictures. You are very beautiful. I love the new grape background as well. Blessings.

  14. Thanks JBR. Blessings to you:)

  15. How gorgeous those tulips are! You are very blessed to live in nice part of the world! I love posts about counting blessings! Patsy from

  16. you're such a nice person,Joy;)
    it looks like she did enjoy the day out.

    my day has been a hectic one--gardening and the usual house chores. but it feels great to be outside.

  17. Gorgoeus flowers.. I just began digging our garden and planted more flowers since we got a lot of sunshines this week. And last thursday, I toured my patients around the institution's garden since it was so warm inside. I even noticed the change of their moods (happy) when they were able to feel the heat of the sun after a year! but some people in my job said i shouldn't have done it. ughh, what a way of thinking! too much sun is dangerous it is, but a few minutes?

    1. I believe it is normal for us to be kind to the elders and that is why we do it. Anyway, just keep doing the good work:)


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