Saturday, May 19, 2012

The bright sides of life!

In the last few days, there has been ongoing protester where I live. Farmers who were not satisfied with what the government offered  them. So one way of showing  protest was to paint balls of grass with sour faces as you can see in the picture under.

And they are all over the place. It does not make one happy, in the first place.

And then the high school students who had been lacking English teachers lately went to the media so that they will be heard, but it  made things more complicated.

The high school building  where I live.

I am not writing this to defend their cause because I can't speak for them since I am not on their shoes. But these situations are influencing  my daily walk of life. One can easily forget how to be grateful and just think of the unrighteousness in the community.

And not only that, I hear problems everywhere both from the nearest and people I know. So, I  have to do something about it or else my life will be contaminated by all the negative things that happens around me or in my life.

                            So today, when I woke up, I decided to see the bright sides of life.

                                          Thanking God  for this peaceful morning!

             For God's words that inspire me today not to give up and just continue believing!

For the spring flowers that are blooming in my garden!

This green plants was from my husband's grandfather who passed away some years ago. So , although it does not bloom, we take care of it. It makes us remember his kindness.

I am also grateful for the flower of the wild grass. It is beautiful too.

Im am also grateful for the inspiration to bake cake today. I am going to serve this cake to the elderly tomorrow, when we are going to share God's words and love for them.

Maybe I am going to share how I baked  it in another post:)

The best part: Tasting before serving:)

Thank God also for the inspiration to make these cards today. Hope they can brightens someone's birthday.

Cards for children!

For those who likes flowers!

And for a teen- ager!

I could write more things that I am grateful for today...but then my post will be too long that maybe you fall asleep while reading. So bye for now and hope that you also had a wonderful day inspite of problems or difficulties you might having. Choose to look at the bright sides of life!



  1. Hi Joy, Sorry I have not been visiting lately. Been fighting a sinus/cold issue that just won't go away. When I saw the sad faces, I thought at least it was a "quiet" type of protest, but being surrounded by negatively is very difficult and you did exactly what the Lord wants us to do, be grateful for all things. Wow, you certainly had so many wonderful things to be grateful for, your creativity, your baking (yummy looking) all the beautiful flowers/plants. Do hope the protestors do not get violent in the area's you are living in. I shall pray. Blessings.

  2. I have to say those sour faces on the bales of hay made me chuckle! I am sorry for all the uprising in your area; I am glad that God is changing your perspective and allowing you to see the good. Many blessings friend!

  3. Ohh, sad to hear about the protester in your place, but I will not look the negative sides coz I know it occurs everywhere in this country.I'm just glad the farmers made there protest by doing by paint balls of grass with sour faces.That's clever to do so.That's so nice of you taking care of the green plants of your husband grandfather, Indeed you have a beautiful garden Joy. Happy Sunday. God bless.

  4. I thank HIM for someone like you who gives time to visit me and other bloggers! despite the many things you've been doing ;)

    I hope everything will turn out ok for the others who are in protest.

  5. they need more JOY in your area... hope everything will be alright soon...

  6. Aren't there thousands of things to be grateful for everyday? :) I'm happy to see someone who is able to see the brighter side of each moment. God bless! (I kinda like those sour faces haha they look cute!)

    Spanish Pinay

  7. I hope everything will be ok and the farmers will get a fair share of what they want and may there be more English teachers for the students. By the way, you sure do have a green thumb! Those are lovely blooms in your garden!

  8. Reading this post just made my day! It's true, outside influences can determine our moods. The call to focus on God's goodness brings blessings. Your flowers are beautiful! A slice of that cake would surely bring joy. Your cards are delightful. Love the teenager one -- it's hard for me to think of ideas for them.

  9. You are doing exactly what I enjoy doing when life gets in the way!! Things here in our country have gotten so grim too --with protests and people complaining about everything.... It's hard not to get upset...

    BUT---I just get outside and take a walk, look at the flowers, feed the birds or do something to help the elderly. That takes my mind off of the problems of the world...

    Thanks be to God for all that God gives us!!!!! We need to celebrate life and appreciate what we have.

    Great set of photos, Joy.

  10. Those pictures are great. Hmmmm..... yeah those sour faces are weird Joy. Lovely flowers as always. Blessings.

  11. Problems & negativities are always around us, just like blessings & positive vibes are around too. And you did good by looking on the positive side & appreciating the beauty in everything, focusing on the joy of giving & sharing. This is one inspiring post ms. Joy, thanks for sharing. BTW, I like the flowers & the cards, so lovely. :)


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