Monday, May 28, 2012

Saying good-bye!

People come and go into our lives. Some leaves a mark, some you easily forget. But this lady had definetely will leave  a mark in my heart. Gonna miss her. For seven years we worked together in the activity center. But now she is retiring. Or maybe I should say, she is retiring from work, but will begin a new epoch in her life. We had shared lots of laughter. Many times I asked advice from this woman being older than me. She is a co-worker that is very cooperative. But she had working in the nursing home more than 40 years and now it is time to retire at the age of 67 years.
But before she leaves, we have to thank her for everything we shared together with the elderly. So we  bought a cake for the day:)

And now she is ready to serve the cake for this time. She said that she is going to bake a cake and bring to us one day. How kind she is.

And of course the elderly and I gave her a gift as a remembrance .

And I asked a friend of mine to make a portrait of her. My co-worker was touched and she loved it. She said that she is going to hang the picture on the wall when she comes home. And our leader in the nursing home gave it to her as a gift from us co-workers.

We are only two who work in the activity center, but the three ladies at the back from the right work as volunteers and the lady from the back left side is the one who is going to take my co-worker's place. 

And before we say really good-bye, we went out to eat at the nearest restaurant. 

And while waiting for the food we ordered..picture taking for the last time.

And this is what I ordered to be eaten with rice. 

And they ordered these...

and these....

Potatoes baked in cream....delicious.
How about you? Who had said good-bye to you lately? 



  1. Beautiful post, Joy... I know you will miss your friend. She seems like such a nice lady. I hope she finds the happiness in retirement as I have found.

    Delicious food also --and that cake looked YUMMY...


    1. Thanks Betsy! Thanks for all the comments that you are giving in my posts. Really touches me heart.

  2. it's her time to enjoy her life without worrying for work. the food as always are really mouthwatering

  3. What a blessing to be able to serve the elderly that many years! Many blessings Joy!

  4. Congratulations to your friend. I bet she was so pleased with the cake and gifts that you gave her. Saying goodbye is never easy but like you said, it's never a good bye with friends =)

  5. seven years of working together is a great friendship investment. you will surely gonna miss her around at work. but anyway her leaving due to retirement is for her own good and I'm sure you're happy for her :)

    THANKS for your message about my cat. Your husband is right about cats. Ours is a stray cat but domesticated. We are feeding it with cat food and litter-trained it that's why I was so worried when it was lost. It's not used to living like a stray cat. Pareho mo din akong parang nanay na hanap ng hanap :(

    Anyway I'm just glad that he found the way back home after 5 days.

    1. hi joy it's me again - Balut.

      thought u might wanna know this is my other self/alter ego :)

  6. it's true that we don't say goodbye to good friends, they are always around. I've got friends whom I haven't seen for years but once we see each other again it feels like old times ;)

  7. look at you with your choker! looking so young and fab ;-)

    goodbyes are definitely not easy. I'm sure you'll miss your co-worker-friend but on the bright side, she will have all her time to stop and visit you all or have lunch or dinner anytime she wants ;-)

    Spanish Pinay

  8. I love the portrait that your friend made! Such a warm smile! Drooling na namn ako sa food! hehe!

  9. Joy, you look gorgeous! I like your choker, kaya lang, hindi ko carry 'yan. :-)

    I do not like good byes, especially goodbyes to good people and times. But sometimes, those are needed to grow.
    Ayan, tama na ako sa comment, baka maiyak ako. :-)

  10. i really hate goodbyes but in this case, you are right, good friends just say see you soon...

    i love the food again....yummy


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