Friday, May 4, 2012

Puerto Princessa!

Happiness is spending time with my family. So in one of my vacation in the Philippines I treat  my mother and  my children with their families a vacation  to Puerto Princessa.

The City of Puerto Princesa (lit. City of Princess Port, Filipino: Lungsod ng Puerto Princesa) is a city located on the western provincial island of Palawan, one of 80 provinces which make up the Philippines. source: Wikepedia

This is the aiport. A small one! 

And the place where we stayed. Twenty minutes drive from the airport. Sorry, I forgot the name of this apartelle.

In front of the place we rent. My second daughter, her son and me:) We look alike, isn't it?

 One of the greatest attraction in Puerto Princessa is the underground river. So we  have to see it. It was around two and half hours drive  and half hour by boat to get there. So we took a rest and took a picture  along the way.

We rode a boat from this place to take us to the other side. The underground river.

This is my son, his wife and their two kids that time. Now they have three!

In the boat together with my fourth grandhild:)

And now, everybody in just one boat to the underground river and we were 12.

The entrance of the underground river!


The PPUR is one of the few such caves which the general public can easily experience and it is navigable up to 4.3 km. and is reputed to be the longest navigable underground river in the World. Park operated paddle boats take visitors for 1 hour tour of the cave to appreciate the different rock formations as well as the thousand of bats and swiftlets that inhabit the cave. Tours are scheduled daily except during extreme weather conditions.

Different rock formations.... it was dark and scary for the kids.

 The guide have a battery driven light, so we could see these awesome sight! The guide paddled and at the same time talked in one hour to tell us the story of the rocks. He was a very funny man, but we learned a lot from him. He was a good storyteller.

He said that this place was also use as a hiding place during the war.

We were so amazed to see how these rocks formed in different shapes in many years. But we were warned by the guide not to touch anything. It has something to do with the growth of the rocks, he told us.

more awesome pictures....

It was a one hour journey back and forth, so we were happy to see the light of the sun again.

Now, it is picture taking time before we leave. Me and my mother!

My second daughter and her family.

My first daughter and her two kiddos:) and her husband. Picture under.

And we have seen a lot including these funny creatures...

who steal  anything you have if you are not watching.

As humans they want to be together. Oh, they just wacthing us as we stared at them:)

But this touched me heart. This monkey carried her offspring wherever she goes.

Well, that is all for now. I will be sharing more pictures from our trip to crocodile farm, in a ranch, a park and island hopping in my next posts.



  1. Ang saya, this reminds me of our family getaway which happened last year, nakakamiss! Palawan is one of my dream destination.

  2. Wow what wonderful pictures Joy! Appreciate you sharing. Blessings.

  3. Nothing can beat the feeling of spending quality time with family.

    My Happiness , have a great weekend!

  4. Hi Joy, Looks like an awesome visit with family. Your mother looks great --and so do you.. I cannot believe that you have grandchildren. You look too young for that!!!!

    The Underground River looks fabulous. I'd love to see that in person...

    I tried to send you an email--but don't have your email address. Sigh!!!!


  5. How great to go on family trips like that! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Thanks for all the nice comments friends:)

  7. Hi Joy! You are blessed with a wonderful family! I so enjoyed vacationing with you through your photos!

  8. o cge, next year Bohol naman..:D

  9. Thanks for linking this up to color connection. ope you can join again next week.

  10. Wow, joy, thanks for sharing your experienced in underground cave sa wakas nakita ko na rin anong sa loob ng cave na yan...I heard a lot of bad reviews kasi ang haba daw ng pila nila ngayon at kunti oras nila sa cave.

    Thank you for a wonderful reply about my comments.hugs:)

  11. i love puerto princesa!! yummy food pa.

  12. The photo of the entrance to the underground river is beautiful. The monkey carrying her baby is very sweet. I'm glad you had a special time with your family :)

  13. have never been to Palawan... will target to visit maybe by next year :D
    .. your visit here in the Philippines must be really fun. there's nothing happier when all the family members get together.

  14. wow! what a fun and adventure vacation you had Sis Joy :-) the pictures are so beautiful, looks like you had a sweet bonding with the family :-) beautiful views too :-) Dropping by from Happiness Is


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