Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Trip to the Philippines

At last,  the day came for our departuere to the Philippines to visit our families there .My sister was the photographer and I was the old and only model:)

The wind was very strong and it was minus 5 degrees that day. But the sun was up for us travellers.)  My brother -in-law drove us to the fast ferry boat terminal . After traveling by boat in an hour, we walked to the nearest bus station with our luggagesto take the bus to the airport. You can just imagine how we looked like:)

 We left Trondheim ( Værnes airport) at 5 pm and arrived in Amsterdam after 2 and half hours by plane.
Since we had only one hour in Amsterdam, we just run to our next flight to the Philippines. 
After 11 and half an hour we arrived in Taipe. We had to go out of the plane because they have to change the cabin crew and clean the mess from us passengers:)
Some pictures in Taipe Airpot.

I think these sitting places is special!  Want to take a sit?

This is the plane that flew us to the Philippines. Food and service were ok, but the lavaratories were aready dirty and with foul odor  when we boarded the plane.

Left Taipe at sunset

At last, we made it to the Philippines. It was a peaceful travel although most of the passengers were Filippinos:) We are known for talking a little bit louder:) LOL! I supposed we were all tired. 
My second daughter, her husband and their son fetched us at the airport. 
It was already 8 pm and when I tried to capture the lights outside the car window, these are what I got.

So I asked my sister to take a picture of me and Ethan instead. My fifth  grandhild. He likes to pose for the camera:)

After one and half hour driving we arrived at my mother's house in Laguna. Luckily, there was no traffic.
All my grandchildren were present and we were all very happy to see each other again.

There were so many things to talk about that it was already late before we went to bed to get a few hours sleep. We had to wake up early the next day because we were going to a resort to celebrate Zimon's birthday.

This is my mother's house were we stayed for a few days.

But typical me, a flower girl, I  I snapped some flower pictures from my mother's garden.

Actually, I thought that I would not be needing a sweater here, but it was only 18 degrees here on that Saturday morning and it rained. So I borrowed one from my daughter-in-law.
Anyway, it is nice to be here with my loved ones:)
Will tell more from Sitio de Amor resort!



  1. Welcome back Mami Joy and it was really nice meeting you. I was even surprised when I saw you in the event because I didn't notice your arrival. Anyway, I hope we can get together some time, if not now, on your next visit. Those flowers are beautiful by the way.

  2. welcome back Ms. Joy to our motherland ... hope you enjoy your staycation here ... nice meeting you ! enjoy the sunny weather here : )

  3. Nice to see you again mommy Joy sa outreach ngayon hindi mo na lang nakikita sa pic ang mga kaganapan dahil ikaw na po mismo ang nandoon at live in action ehehehe.

  4. Great that you had a safe trip and had time to bond with your lovely family. I'm sure na miss nyo ang isa't isa ng bonggang bongga! :) Nice seeing you Mommy Joy! :)

  5. I hope youre having a great time here in Phil! Thank you too for the chocolate and the moose key chain. Hope to see you before you leave again :)

  6. Welcome back Mommy Joy!

    Enjoy your stay in our home land and make the most of your bonding sa iyong family. God bless you. I pray that one day, we can have coffee chat in BGC. Cheers!

  7. OH---I can only imagine how happy you are to see your family. What a wonderful trip for you and your sister... Is she the only one traveling with you?

    Love the photos of your grandchildren... SO preciious!!!!

    Love your mother's home. Beautiful

    Foggy morning here on the Cumberland Plateau. Have a wonderful day.

  8. Welcome home Mommy Joy!!! too bad, di ko po kayo na-meet personally. maybe one of these days po? *hugs*

    ang cute ng bahay ni mom nyo :)

    enjoy your stay here!

  9. have fun on your vacation, ate joy.

  10. Welcome home mommy Joy! I am sure you will be enjoying your vacation as you will be having more time bonding with your family here.

  11. Have a great vacation! I guess you will have aplenty of stories to share once you sit in front of the computer again.

  12. beautifully written travelogue !
    enjoy the precious moments with your family :)

  13. Welcome home! *sabog confetti!

    Kahit na mahaba ang byahe, sobrang worth it naman. :) Ganda ng house and flowers! :3

  14. Welcome back to Philippines!!! Nice meeting you again at sobrang thankful ako na nakasama ka sa outreach. Tnx sa chocolates!!!!

  15. Your grandchildren are very lovely. I can imagine your pleasure,happiness. Your mother's house is coloful and pretty and must be filled with your nice memories.
    Enjoy your holiday!

  16. kumusta ka na....nakapagblog din ako pagkatapos ng bagyo...okey ang bahay niyo, pero kung sa leyte o samar ang bahay na iyan tiyak masisira ni Yolanda..

  17. Welcome back mommy joy. Thank you po ulet sa napa cute na gifts. Enjoy your stay!

  18. welcome back again ate joy! i'm pretty much sure enjoy much ka sa comeback mo dito!
    anyway cut ng house ng mom mo! i like the colors

  19. Welcome back po Mam Joy.. Sana pala na meet din kita kaso di ako nakasama sa gathering nga mga bloggers.. I'm sure nageenjoy ka dito sa pinas with your family.. Ingat po.. :)

  20. I like the quotation in your blog's header. Nice to bump in here!

  21. I was really happy to finally meet you Mami. Para kang artista nung PBO outreach. Im just plain happy. I hope to spend more time with you next time. Hoped you enjoy your vacation kahit maikli.

  22. Your photos are beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing this tour!

  23. So glad you get to have a good visit with your family! Enjoyed taking the picture trip with you... Love the flowers!

  24. ganda naman mga flowers garden ng mommy mo ma'am :)

  25. Hi Ate Joy, welcome back again to Pinas! :) It's nice reconnecting with the people that you find dear. Enjoy the quality time spent here. Regards!

  26. Uy, umuwi ka uli. Happy vacation! :-)

  27. I really enjoyed your this trip to family and you have lovely grand kids as well i also liked your mom house. Its so colorful and amazing reminds me some fairy tales house :)
    I hope it was a wonderful trip and moments.
    Thanks for sharing.


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