Saturday, August 24, 2013

The joys of the month!

I just want to cheer you up this weekend for a change or maybe cheer me up because lately, troubles, problems and heartaches seems to hunt me. 
So I searched for the brighter sides of life like these flowers around.

I was planning to invite my mother-in-law for a dinner because I haven't seen her lately, but she called and invited me and my daughter for dinner. We grabbed of course the opportuniny. To our delight she served mouth watering dinner to us.  How lucky I am to have someone like her nearby especially when my mother lives far away from me. 

                                Found these flowers to cheer you up again:)

Anyway, one weekened, I was invited to Rowena's birthday celebration. When I came, everybody was very silent. I didn't know that a friend who was there just lost the father of her kids. I couldn't help it but cry with her. But we try to be merry too for the sake of the birthday celebrant.

                           And here are the forever young girls or we just want to be forever young:)

It seems that  these ladies just wanted to have fun. Weekend after, we were invited by Ronna in her place for a Barbecue Party. She and the other ladies prepared lots of Philippines foods, as you can see.

                        This is Ronna and the poor pig who gave her life for us.

Ronna's scupltures fascinates me. It came from our homecountry.

Sunset that evening!

Then weekend after that, it was Doreen's birthday. Me and Rowena caught her with her apron and asked her to pose with us.

Then the rest of the gang came. See how happy we were  although we experience battles in our lives too.

Flowers for Dorren!

She prepared typical Philippine's foods, so we forgot that we were on a diet.

But the star of the evening was Per. Ophelia's hubby. He put on a wig that made the ladies laugh. 
It was a very nice evening that we will cherished.  Thank you ladies . Until the next gathering again:)



  1. I love your dresses mommy joy, especially the orange one. :)

  2. Replies
    1. I am happy to make you laugh too Aunt Mary:)

  3. nagutom naman ako sa mag pinakita mo ate joy :)
    engrande talaga kayo mag celebrate ng birthday ee nu

    1. Oo nga. Sana andito ka para nakakain ka rin:)

  4. Troubles, probs lately for you?? wonder, I was not around blogging and commenting because I was busy with my work :)
    Now you can relax, I am back :) No more heartaches, troubles and probs for you !

    You should have tagged all those girls with their names, lovely, all of them!

    Dishes look lovely, yummy !

  5. Thanks Rajiv:) you are my lifesaver:)))
    Anyway, good to have you back.
    About the name of the girls, yes, I should have done it:)

  6. Huwaw, ang saya pala ng mga naging kaganapan sa inyo jan Mommy Joy :))

    As always loved the flower photos, specially the Sunflower kasi lagi siyang nakatingala at nakasunod sa araw. Dapat tayo din gaya ng Sunflower :D

    At ang pagkain, bumabaha! ang sarap nung lechon ahaha!

  7. Oo nga Fiel-kun. Thanks for the visit:)

  8. Very simple yet unforgettable joys!!
    Love all the smiles, the poses and the foods!
    Yes, let us Be happy! Be grateful!

  9. That's the spirit Joy smile in spite of the trials. Daming celebrations ah syempre daming food at ang daming kain hi hi hi

  10. Standout ang suot mo ms joy sa celebration , pra forever young onti onti lng sa lechon ha , hihihi

  11. Salamat kulapipot;) oo sa lechon. Dami calories:)

  12. Although I am happy for all the celebrations and food, I became sad remembering my good friends here in Thailand who all left for good. Iba talaga pag may mga kaibigan, may kadamay. Good to know you find ways to cheer yourself up. Lucky are the women around you, you care for them.

    1. True Jonathan. It is good to have them. Our kalahi coz we understands each other better.
      I am lucky to have them too Jonathan:)

  13. Na miss ko ang ganito mong mga posts Mommy Joy, I had fun reading it :) Condolences to your friend who lost her husband :(

    Saktong di pa ako nag lulunch, nagutom ako sa food pics! May lechon pa bang natira? Penge naman ako hehe :)

  14. Buti naman nagugustuhan mo mga post kong ganito:)
    Thanks for your concern zaizai for my friend.
    About the lechon:) ubos na eh. Next time Zaizai:)

  15. Condolences to your friend.

    I enjoy all the photos!

  16. Thanks Jedidja.
    Have a nice Sunday; )

  17. Nakakagutom naman etong post mo Ate Joy ^_^ dinuguan ba ung nasa left side photo bottom? o adobong pusit nakakagutom talaga ha ha! Masisira nga diet natin nito :)

  18. I wonder bakit di kayo tumataba sa dalas ng parties at ang sasarap ng mga pagkain hehe. May nagluluto pala ng isang buong lechon dyan po?

  19. Hi hi. Konti lang ksin gracie:) meron nagihaw lechon. Pinoy din:)


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