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The winners of the " Letter To God Contest"

It's me Joy in front of St Johannes Church in Stavanger

Finally, I have now the name of the winners of  the " Letter To God Contest" which Michelle Griep from " WriterOfftheLeash" ( author of " Undercurrent" and "Gallimore" books) had chosen. 
Thank you so much Michelle for doing this favor for me. God bless you much in return.

 She said: After much consideration and a rating system I used for creativity, emotion, clarity, and how they stuck to your stated guidelines ( poetry, letter to God, letter about God) here are the top winners :

First prize: 100 $
 Una Carta A Dios ( A LETTER TO GOD)
by Kelvin S. M.

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by Kelvin S.M. / 2013

....and when I thought thou make a man in me
thou grinn'st: 'child, I am not done yet.'

O, Lord -

Do you (really) hear this voice?
 This little bird-song inside my throat that
greets the morn in many a summer-day?
This fragmented psalm I throw in the air that
furtively haunts many a quiet-night?
Sometimes cold, dark and dreary, but
always hungry -
hungry to be heard

Do you hear me clear, O, Lord?

Do you ( really) see this man?
This little child that ne'er grows old ere your eyes?
Do you look at the curves in my face I re-
arrange each day? ( or) Do you prefer to read the
history I map into my skin?

Do you see me there, O, Lord?

Do you ( really) speak this tongue?
 This language of man that kills a living, (and)
gives life to a dying soul? This trumpet of sins that
curses my whole, (sometimes) loathes the world,
(sometimes) betrays my Lord's behest? but,
no, this tongue forgets naught of repent
and of love - yes-
love, love, love

Do you speak of me, Lord?

Do you (really) feels this act?
 This broken dance of my little bird's feet that
hops and hops from boughs to boughs of
your extend'd grace after ev'ry rain? This care-
less walk o'er your scatter'd reamins that
fossilizes foot-marks I make with thee?

Do you feel me here, O, Lord?

O, Lord-
let you be the ear that listens to song I sing;
let you be the eye that reads my lips when I
look down a river;
let you be the tongue that sings of praise and of light;
let you be the skin that shelters a weary soul.

O, Lord, let you be the firmanent I look up each morn,
ah, let you be the  senses I wear everyday.

Second prize: 75 $
Let the light in 


"I opened the window this morning
and praised your Holy Name
as the window invited the sun in
so my soul begged your blessing

What will a day be like
when Your light isn’t there
Shadows will hover over me
chase away joy, bring in despair.

I have been through those days
countless times, My Lord
when everything I did was routine
without meaning nor reward.

How easy it was to bewail my lot
and envy another’s fortune
blame You, Lord, for all I lacked
sing my hymns with listless tunes.

So, let Your radiance in, My Lord
brighten the corners of my soul
guard the beauty you blessed it with
make this humble castle Your abode.

Then at night, before I sleep
may this be my prayer -
that Your Face shine through mine
my heart rest always in Your care."

Third prize:  50 $

Dear Lord

I was lost….

I am trapped in a place where I see nothing but darkness
The undisturbed silence gives way to hear the fearful beat of my heart
I took a few dubious steps in search of hope and truth
The steps turned into walk, walk turned into journey
I didn’t know where to go, then there came You and lit my path
Lord, I did not find You; You found me

I was unworthy…

I live in a world where wrong is forced to be right
And breeding the egg of evil seems to be the favorite hobby of man
At a certain point I became one of them, unconsciously…. or maybe consciously
I’m sorry for disappointing You, I was unfaithful and careless
The love You gave, the forgiveness You’ve made
Lord, I did not deserve any of it but You gave it to me wholeheartedly

I was hopeless…

In the abyss of my solitude, I feel so alone
Trials just keep on coming like heavy rain on rainy days
I want to run, and think that escape is the only solution I got on hand
I was in despair when a shaft of light coming from the sun touched my face
Suddenly a rainbow appeared, beautifully painted on the sky
Lord, You provided a rainbow after the rain; a reason in each problem I overcame

I am loved….

When I think of the cross, I think of my weakness
The sins I committed were unimaginable, likewise, unforgivable
But instead of judging me, You offer your hand to yank me up
I looked at it and see the nail-pierced hole, blood gushing out from it
I turned my sight into my hands and see the hammer on the right, nails on the left
Lord, the cross reminds me of my weakness, but moreover, it reminds of your undying love

I am favored…

Every day I wake up and fail to see that life itself is a miracle
Sometimes I was so busy earning a living that I forget how to live
I chased the wrong things and overlooked what is really important in life
Today , let me just express my gratitude to You , to You who always provide
Thank you for your unlimited patience and overflowing blessings
Lord, I really don’t know what did I do to be loved by You

I am victorious….

My life has so many ups and downs, twists and turns
I’ve been through bad times and placed in life’s edges
I managed to surpass them all not because I am strong
But because my God is strong… and loving…. and caring
Whenever I achieved something or reached a new milestone in my life
Lord, I know you are there smiling like a proud father

You are the busiest being I’ve ever known
So, I need to end this letter before it turns out to be a novel
Neither did I play with the words I’ve used here nor rhyme everything
For simplicity never fails me to express the deepest emotions I have
I believe that it’s not the words but the pureness of my heart that reaches Yours
Lord, this letter is my prayer, this letter is my life written only for You

P.S. I Love You

Your son,
Moises John

                         The fourth place goes to Debbie Mitchell

                                     My Love Letter To God

I was asked to pen a story
A letter, a poem, a note,
My first thought, fear and worry
But, here goes...this is what I wrote:

Dear God

How do I love Thee?
Good question You might say,
Is my love small, is it big?
Do I let other things get in the way?

Things and people tend to occupy my time
And I fear that sometimes I forget to say,
That I truly adore You, Lord
And I am trying my best to not stray.

To stray from Your will....Your ways
From what You would have for me,
Among the chaos of my daily life
Something I must, simply must always see.

I must see through Your eyes
To follow Your lead,
So that no matter what comes
In my life, it's Your will I will heed.

So, how do I love Thee?
Where does my heart and soul live?
Within Your arms...upon Your lap
For You are my Whom my heart and soul I give.

Your daughter, Debbie

From Debbie  Mitchell:

The winners will be notified  by e-mail. 

Again I thank all the participants for bringing glory to God 

by joining " Letter To God contest" 

God bless you all! Your letters blessed us all readers. A gift to 


A bouquet of flowers for you all!



  1. Congratulations to all winners ate.. such an inspiring poems they've shared.. galing! :)

  2. Nice! Congrats to all winners lalo na kay pareng moises!

  3. Congrats to all the winners!


  4. Salamat, Joy. :-) Congratulations to the winners. Thank you Ms. Griep. :-)

    1.! congratz ate Imelda!!! i am glad kc yours was really one of my bet in here...cheers!!!


  5. congrats sa mga nanalo. galing

  6. Congratulations to all the winners! :D Pasok na naman si Bagotilyo, galing talaga! :D

  7. ang gagaling! congratulations!

  8. deserving!
    congrats to all the winners... and to all the bloggers who joined this wonderful contest....
    *group hug*

  9. WOW... i was there... what a surprise.... salamat po Ms. Joy & Ms. Griep... congratz dn ate Imelda (magkasunod ulit tau..hihi...) & to the rest of the winners... def a wonderful experience for me especially i wasn't really a religious person and, maybe, knowing the fact gave me more interest to really pursue on goin' through this contest.... Ms. Joy, you are the true winner... we all knew that if it wasn't thru your brilliant concept in putting this contest up... those wonderful & beautiful words def wouldn't have been birthed... and again, thanks.... to GOD be the glory!

    P.S.>> ..i'm writing this via mobile phone and will send you mail when i get in the office... smiles...

    1. Welcome Kelvin ang Congratulation. To God be the glory:)

  10. Congratulations sa lahat ng nanalo.. Mommy joy thanks for this opportunity.

    All Glory and Praises to HIM.


  11. Congrats to all winners! :)

  12. Congrats to all the winners. This was a wonderful project Joy!

    1. Thanks Anne. It is really a blessing to us all:)

  13. galing nila lht,but i was related with the Letter to God no.3 ,and gusto ko rin c no.4......tunay ngang nakakainspire,

  14. congratulations to all the winners! May the Lord keep on blessing you :)

  15. Ang bongga magpaprize. congrats to all the winners.

  16. Great post, fantastic photos:) Greetings

  17. congrats sa lahat ng nanalo you all deserves it! gagaling naman kasi talaga!
    anyway thanks po ate joy sa napakameaningful na contest mo!
    salamat talaga ng marami! god bless you po

  18. Thanks you so much din mecoy. Everyone is a winner in the eyes of God:)

  19. Hi, Ms. Joy
    Congrats on this successful contest, congrats also to all the winners!
    You all deserve to win :)

    God Bless us all!

  20. Thanks to you too Limarx:)

  21. Wow, Congrats, to all the winners.They're all good, and I love how you pick the winners with the help of your friends.That was a brilliant idea with her expertise it helps a lot to choose the best amongst the best.

  22. Oo nga mhie. I didnt have any influence at all:)

  23. CONGRATULATIONS to all the winners especially to blogger friend Moises John (bagotilyo)!

    Sayang hindi ako naka-join :( Hope there will be another one next time ha ha


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