Monday, May 13, 2013

God's painting!

I am always fascinated by skies different colors. It seems that God is experimenting everyday with different paints. 

Anyway, I was really impressed with these breathtaking sights.

Reminds me that when everything in me is darkness,  I can just look up to heaven where God resides and his light will penetrate my soul.

Magnificent rays of the sun at the back of a tree.

Sunset ended with these awesome colors!

Anyone wants to buy God's painting? It is  free for the taking:)

         "Thought for the day"

Bad things submitted to God, became good in His hands.
Edwin Louis Cole


  1. ang gaganda talaga ng kuha mo,,,,,,

  2. ang galing mami joy! a true work of art... :D

  3. Your photos of the sky are amazing!

  4. nice sunsets, Joy. I'm glad this blog is working now. :-)

    1. Nag update na ba eto sa bloggers? Puede ko mag post, di lang lumalabas sa feeds ng blogger, so dii nakikita ng followers ko kung may bago ko entry. Through google at fb lang pag nag post ako.
      Thanks for visiting my friend.

  5. I love God's sky paintings too. I went looking for them yesterday and found a bonus rainbow as well!

  6. I always indulge myself in God's free painting :) THANKS for sharing your captures Joy.

    Hindi nag-a-update yung posts mo sa blogroll ko :(


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