Tuesday, April 21, 2015

A beautiful day( part two)

Hello my friends. It's Tuesday again and still I am not finish yet sharing my Sunday post. 
Anyway, this is the continuation of my last post where me and my friends went for a hike. After hiking to the mountain..not so high though, we proceeded to another place.  We walked ca. 3 kilometers to the seaside.

The sun wouldn't shine all the time, but we didn't mind. We had fun anyway.

Foggy on top of the mountain.

My two friends had not been to this place, so they were excited!

So, pictures should be taken...again

Well, this creature wanted to be out in the sun too!

Sun rays between the trees

This was the way to the seaside

We crossed this bridge first 

At last we arrived in our destination. There were other people there too.

The name of the place

The other group that was there had a little sweet dog. I asked if I can take a  picture of her and publish it later. Her name is Kenya

And she smiled at the camera.

Come friends and enjoy the view!

Bye for now!

Ending this post with a qoute and a prayer

    Music's power
    There is a music from above
    That takes away our tears;
    It is God's melody of love-
    It quiets all our fears .DJD

    What a privilege it is to store Your Word Oh God in our hearts to keep us from sinning against You....and to be a storehouse of inspired words that the Spirit can bring to our  minds to help others. May Your word always refresh, nourish us and teach us as we read and meditate it with a listening heart. Amen


  1. So beautiful, Joy, it does look like a fun time! :)

  2. Your prayer is beautiful. And I enjoyed the poem; did you write it? It is very good! Such a beautiful walk! I LOVE the water right beside the mountains. And it is such a vivid blue. Picture three, and the last few are my favorites of that. Even the bridge is pretty and artful with the red designs on top.

    1. Thanks Ginny. The poem was written by D.J.D. from Daily Bread book. The prayer was inspired by the word of God.

  3. A beautiful hike and a sweet dog.

  4. Hello Mommy Joy *hugs*
    Meron pa palang part 2 ung hiking adventure nyo hehe
    Ang ganda talaga ng mga tanawin jan sa lugar nyo sa Norway.
    I myself being a nature lover can also appreciate the beauty of your place there.

  5. I so enjoyed all of the photos Joy ... such beautiful scenery ..
    must have been a most wonderful hike

  6. Wow ! you are having a great time, your prayer is beautiful too :)

  7. It is indeed a beautiful day ...sarap mag-hike sa ganiyang lugar Ms. Joy ang gaganda ng view : )

  8. Japan: from Okayama.
    I will introduce my hometown.
    From Japan : "Four Seasons of Okayama Korakuen Garden and Okayama Catsle" http://wp.me/p3YsMF-70

  9. Beautiful! Thanks for taking us along!

  10. Hi Joy! I was so struck by the color of the water. So blue! God is such an awesome Creator.
    I am so inspired by music too. Nature and music...two of my favorite things :)

  11. Beautiful! Sounds like you had a great time. Thank you for sharing the photos.

  12. Så deilig tur og så fine bilder av flott og vill natur Joy, det så herlig ut.
    Våren er en fin tid og det er godt å kunne være ute igjen.

    Ha en strålende aprildag.

  13. Hi Joy, I love your photos. You have an eye for catching God's beauty. And the prayer at the end is beautiful. May God's word in our hearts keep us from sinning...
    God bless

  14. Enjoyed your pictures. That water is so blue, very pretty!

  15. Thanks so much for taking us along your trip, Joy! Stunning landscape! xoxo

  16. Lovely shots of the scenery and dog.

  17. Bom dia, é um privilegio desfrutar e uma lugar tão belo para apreciar a natureza e respirar o o ar puro, as fotos são lindas.

  18. Hi Joy, Both of your posts showing your special hike with friends are GREAT. What a beautiful place. I love the mountain and I love the water....People ask me whether I enjoy going to the mountains more or the beach/ocean more... That's hard for me to answer since I love both....

    Loved all of your great pictures... Sounds like you all had LOTS of fun together.

  19. I am amazed at your pictures. Even the caterpillar was out to enjoy your hike. What a blessing sharing our God's creation with friends can be!

  20. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful day.

  21. Wow! Your pictures are stunning. It looks like you two had a wonderful time hiking at the mountains. Have a delightful week... :)


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