Thursday, April 9, 2015

Food for body and soul! (Philippines)

After the trip to Canyon Cove , we drove home to my mother, but along the way, we stopped to eat dinner.
We went to Kamayan, the name of the restaurant. A floating restaurant who serves Filippino cuisine in Laguna.

My eldest grandchild Jan Andrei, Candice his sister and me.

My son and his wife and their youngest daughter.

Then they drove me to my mother's house before they went home.

Day after

Pictures taken at the back of my mother's house

Her papaya tree

flowers in her garden

I nourished my body and soul at my mother's house!

Until next time.



  1. Beautiful pictures from your precious family and how beautiful is the nature!

  2. ganda ng field sa backdoor ninyo , very green .... the same with the flowers : )

  3. What a splendid view, Ms. Joy! The next time you visit Philippines, you have to try the same floating resto at Villa Escudero. It's right beside a well improvised falls & the cuisines are all a delight to try. Smiles.

  4. The best things in life are just outside the house of your mom, pa-ampon ako, ha,ha,ha.

    1. oo nga Jonathan:) sige sabihin ko sa mother ko:)

  5. The colors on the house is very pretty

  6. Hi Joy! I loved all the sunny photos of the papaya tree and flowers...makes me long for summer. What a gorgeous house and grounds too, no wonder your soul was renewed. I'm sure your mom was overjoyed to see you too. What a happy homecoming!

  7. Wonderful shots. Your mother's house is delightful.

  8. The picture of the farm, amazing! Lakas maka-relax!


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