Wednesday, April 8, 2015

From my heart!

From my heart!

Thank You Lord God for the promise that You will instruct us and 

teach us the way we should go. 

Thank You that all who trust inYou

 will be surrounded by Your mercy. 

Therefore we can rejoice in You and shout for joy.

Let our ways be righteous 

and our hearts be upright all the time. 

Let us willingly give our love to You

 because You loved us first.

"Take the task God gives you gladly, 

Let His work your pleasure be;

Answer quickly when He calls you,

Here I am Lord, send me. - Anon

- Obedience from the heart is wanting to do 

what God tells you to do!



  1. I like the lush greenery, and your words fit it well.

  2. look so cute !
    beautiful picture, nice post :)

  3. Such a nice post, Joy, and you looks radiant; beautiful photos! :)

  4. Love the photos, Joy and the Poem is just inspiring.:)

  5. Amen for that inspiring words Mommy Joy ^^
    You fit well po sa photos above. Ganda ng paligid :)

  6. Thanks Ms. Joy for sharing .... God bless :)

  7. I am envious of the greenery, Ms. Joy, but so thankful for the words you shared today. Blessings to you & yours! Smiles.


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