Sunday, April 19, 2015

A beautiful day!

Hello everyone! How's your day?
Today, the sun came for a visit and I didn't waste my time. I called my friends, two of them and asked them if they wanted to come with me to a mountain hike. Luckily, they wanted too.

Here was Cynthia and me!

Me and Leny

The sun played hide and seek with us

Guess whom we found? A long lost friend!

I was so happy, so I gave him a kiss

Then we continued our hiking

Well, we found another friend ( troll)

And another one

At last the reward. On top of the mountain again

Well, I need a souvenier from this place

Leny and Cynthia too.

After we had eaten our snacks, we went back again

Now the sun was really up and made the world more colorful!

Anyway, it was a short hike, so we decided to go to another be continued

Ending this post with God's word and a prayer!


We then who are strong ought to bear with the scruples of the

weak. Romans 15:1

( Help)

 Dear God, I pray that You give us the strength we need, so we too

 can strengthened the weak.
 I pray that our motives in doing good deeds is to share Your love 

to the needy.

 Provide for us the resources we need to build each other up.

 I pray that we won't give up, 

although we have to go against the

 crowd...swim against the current.

 Let your words be alive in us.

 Refresh  and guide us. 

Help us to endure and to be encourage by Your presence daily.

 Let our lives be a living witness for everyone. I pray in behalf of 

my loved ones and all my friends in Jesus name. 




  1. What a wonderful view at the end! And lots of cute surprises on the way. I wonder who decorated the trees this way? Maybe it is an encouragement to finish the walk! So glad it did not rain and the sun did finally come out! It looks cold though, you are really bundled up. What a beautiful color the sky is in your last picture! Can't wait to see what you did next!

  2. That definitely is a good day for a hike. Beautiful view. :)
    Have a wonderful week ahead. :)

  3. Hi Joy! Good for you to get out there to stretch yourself, and to see God's great gift of nature. I love hikes, although I'm not quite up to doing one yet. How fun you had friends who could accompany you too. Not to mention your wooden friends!

    Sunday blessings,

  4. What a great and beautiful day indeed! Beautiful photos, Joy! :)

  5. Ganda ng view Ms. Joy ... sarap nga mag hiking lalo na pag malamig ang weather ...: )

  6. What a wonderful hike and thanks for sharing all the great photos ..
    I love to hike and venture out very often on new adventures in the mountains

    Loved the shot of you kissing the tree, so cute!

    Have a lovely day, Joy ...

  7. Looks like a wonderful hike!

  8. Ang sarap naman ng hiking nyo Mommy Joy ^_^
    How I wish, I was there too para ma-experience ang cool weather.
    Matindi na ang init ngayon dito sa Pinas >.<

  9. Place looks wonderful. And I like those carvings on the trees. They're really cute.

  10. I remember my vacation just days ago from my province and went to a hill and worshiped alone there, didn't bring my bible with me but the worship song got me. The place plus devotion is a prefect combination for a hike. :)

  11. Isa po yan sa mga hindi ko pa po nagagawa. Hiking! :)

  12. Bom dia, lindas fotos reveladoras de felicidade, fazer uma caminhada pelo meio da natureza com lindos sorrisos, é maravilhoso.

  13. A wonderful day with friends. What could be any better then that except for the prayer at the end. Wonderful. Have a truly beautiful day Joy. See ya.

    Cruisin Paul

  14. Well I'm impressed, Joy! Guess I'm too lazy to hike, my legs will give way. Hahaha! Love the landscape. dear! xoxo


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