Friday, April 10, 2015

88 spa resort

Although I already celebrated my birthday with my family in Canyon Cove two days before my actual birthday, when my birthday came, still I wanted to make the day special. So me and one of my older sister who had not been with us to Canyon Cove Cove went to a nearby resort.
88 Spa Resort is owned by a Korean, but the staff speaks our mother language.
This is the entrance. Not so fancy looking, but just wait to see inside.

Still very early in Tuesday morning and there was no people to see yet. Only those that tend the resort.

Now, let us take a look. 

A stair to the upper pool where the water is too hot to dive into, according to my sister that had been here before. 

We just concentrate us first here on the ground

They have cottages for rent.

We were almost alone in this paradise.

One of the pools here. The water is lukewarm!

One can buy a drink in here!

A place to rent for big groups or families

a place to rest

And now the very hot pool

I forgot to see how hot the poolwater was, but I almost burn my feet!

So I preferred this pool with lukewarm water. No guests to see. The people who comes here are mostly Koreans. We did see a few of them.

Music was played in the background

Although there were almost no guests, they have entertainers to sing almost whole the day

It was a memorable birthday that I will cherish, I really love the place and we did come back with the rest of the family again weekend after.

More pictures to come!


  1. wow...beautiful !
    This resort looks fab !

  2. What a wonderful place, Joy ---and I'm sure that you and your sister enjoyed it and enjoyed just being together. I would love being there when nobody else was around very much... Awesome!!!!! So gorgeous... Glad you got to go back with more family. What a wonderful time you had with family.


  3. Happy Birthday! That resort looks like a great place to stay. I can see why you and your sister enjoyed it so much. Blessings and have a great weekend... :)

  4. Hi Joy, this place is beautiful. Glad you enjoyed your time spent there.

  5. Love the colors on your beautiful photos here!

  6. Joy, your photos are gorgeous! What a beautiful looking, relaxing place!

  7. Happy birthday, dear Joy. :)

  8. What a beautiful, beautiful place!!! And an awesome pool. Just walking around here would be healing!

  9. Ganda ng resort Ms. Joy ... Happy Birthday ulet : )

  10. You're right! Very interesting place, these gardens are gorgeous !!

  11. Nice of you to visit my blog. Happy belated birthday. What a beautiful resort, especially the little cottages. You may know my sister, Karen @ Lily Valley blog!

  12. How nice to know that Lily is your sister Mildred:)
    What a small world!

  13. Soo beautiful!! Happy birthday po miss Joy! ;)

  14. Ang ganda ng pool pero mas pretty kayo Mommy Joy :)

  15. Such a beautiful place.. how relaxing it seems to be... Diane

  16. hmmm i think i need to visit the place hhaha

  17. Gorgeous getaway place! Happy belated Birthday! You're so lucky!


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