Friday, April 3, 2015

Looking and finding!

Hello everyone! Nice to be back after a long vacation in my homecountry the Philippines. Sharing pictures from there and words to ponder.

Happy Easter everyone!

Looking and finding...

Yes, we look and seek everyday for things that will satisfy our souls. 

A longing for happiness and comfort.

 We want to be successful and to be the winner. 

But in all these things...we must not forget to seek first God's 

kingdom and its righteousness. 

Because if we do...all these things shall be added unto us..

...things that really matters in this life and after this short span of 

life that God has given us. 

Do not let the cares of this world make us forget the very essence 

of why we are here in the first place. 

A preparation of our life hereafter is what matter the most. 

Wishing everyone to find the treasure
 that is worth the keeping.



  1. Natapos na po pala ang bakasyon niyo dito :)
    Kamusta po? I'm sure naging masaya nag pagbabalik niyo dito :)

  2. Joy, I am so happy to see you back. Your photos are gorgeous. God bless you, my dear friend. Happy Easter. :)

    1. Thanks Linda. Happy Easter to you too:)

  3. Om sure you enjoy your vacay mommy Joy ☺

  4. It was surprising that most of your vacation pics from FB were swimming parties since it was all snow in there. Hopefully in one of your vacations, I will be in Manila to see you too. Sending my prayers this Holy Week. Have a wonderful Easter Sunday!

  5. Just the right words to savour this Holy Week & in preparation for the Easter, Ms. Joy. Hope you had the best of time from your recent vacation here in Philippines. Happy Easter in Advance! Smiles.

    - kelvin s.m.

  6. Umuwi ka pala Ms Joy... sarap umuwi ng Pinas... kaso matagal pa ko makauwi hahaha

  7. So glad you had a wonderful trip! May you and your family be blessed this Easter!

  8. Beautiful pics !
    Wish you a blessed week and a happy Easter :)
    God bless :)

  9. Glad you had a nice trip "Home". Happy Easter!

  10. Welcome back, Joy. The photos of your homeland are stunning! So refreshing for this desert country girl's life! Happy Easter.


  11. How lovely to have a visit "home" to visit family and loved ones. Your photos are delightful

  12. All those pictures of your homeland are great , have a beautiful day my friend :)

  13. The pictures are stunning Joy. And the words, very true. Happy Easter!

  14. I know you do enjoy your vacation here in our land : )

  15. Glad you had a very enjoyable vacation sa ating bayang magiliw :D

    Happy Easter po *hugs*

  16. I'm sorry that I didn't get to see you in your recent vacation here, but I'm glad that you had fun Mommy Joy. Thanks for sharing these beautiful photos.


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