Sunday, February 8, 2015

Frustrated or content?

- Contentment is the soil on which the true joy lives.

Father God, 
I pray for me and everyone to love and to cherish the life that you had given to us. 
I pray that we will find joy in everything we do in Your name.
 Let the work of our hands benefit ourselves, others and bring glory to your name.
 Let us be thankful for all the gifts, opportunities and lessons in life that You gives as we travel the road of life.
 Let your peace saturate our souls as we toil under the sun or in the coldness of wintertime. 
I pray in Jesus name


  1. I try to be contented as far as I can .... but sometimes wanting more is creeping in .... : )

  2. Beautiful, Joy, I love this. Thank you.

  3. Hi Joy! I do think that peace and joy come with contentment, being happy with where you are, how you are. Most of the time I can't change it anyway, so I might as well learn to love what God has given me...he's in charge!

    1. You are right Ceil. Thanka for your heartfelt comment:)

    2. You are right Ceil. Thanka for your heartfelt comment:)

  4. Amen ...
    Thanks for the prayer , Joy ...

  5. Amen. :-) May we all be content so we can find peace.


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