Sunday, February 22, 2015

Essence in God's kingdom

Prayer for you and me:

Dear God,
 let our lives be an essence for Your kingdom.
 Let us us bow down to Your throne and worship You with every bit of our hearts. 
Let us rejoice because we found You as the Savior of our souls. 
There is none like You Lord, the Rock of all ages. 
All knowledge comes from You.
Thank You because You girded us with strength when we stumble.
 You lend a helping hand so that we can remain standing during our battles in life.
 You provides wisdom to us who ask in every details of our lives.
Praise be Thy Holy name



  1. Beautiful, Joy...amen, and thank you.

  2. Joy, thank you for your kind words on my poem yesterday.
    I am truly sad about losing my friend.

    And thank you for this prayer!

  3. Amen!
    Thanks for sharing these inspiring words Mommy Joy <3

  4. Thank you Joy for sharing this prayer :)


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