Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Do you like what you see?

Hello everyone! It snowed again here in my place in Norway and suddenly the sorroundings became a little bit whiter:) Anyway, although it is wintertime, we still having fun. Again, I enjoyed the moment with the elderly today. We went to a cinema to watch a film. Then home to my hubby who made a delicious dinner for both of us. Oh my! Surely, I am a lucky woman.

Anyway, the title of my post is " do you like what you see?" I am reffering to these sculptures or man made figures that I saw in an art gallery one day. It always amazes me how creative those people are, but I must admit that sometimes some  of those arts can make someone  wonder what kind of artist made such a piece. See for yourself and tell me what you feel:)

You can see more in : www.fenka.no

So what do you think of those arts? 

Living you a quote:
We are given one life, and the decision is ours whether to wait for circumstances to make up our mind, or whether to act, and acting, to live.
Omar Nelson Bradley


  1. Hi Joy! It sure takes all kinds of people to make art, and to appreciate it.
    We have an art gallery very close to us, and I remember taking my sister there. I have to confess, I didn't understand half of what I saw. But that's okay, at least it stretched my mind a bit. That's what your art pictures did for me. I may not get what the artist is saying, but it does expand my experience!

  2. I liked some of the art here but not all of it, but art is like that, as everyone has different tastes. One of my favourite artists is Claude Monet, I find his paintings very soothing. Thanks so much for sharing, Joy. :)

  3. Her var det mye fin kunst jeg liker nesten alt, dukkeskulpturene er veldig stilige.

    God kveld til deg Joy.

  4. I see lots of color and variety. Very different than what I would see in the course of my day so I appreciate your post. You always surprise me! Bless you Joy; you are rightly named!

  5. I love the weird artistic features of these things.

  6. Very interesting. Any art if its abstract or weired too, still represent the mind and some specific thought of the artist that he/she wanna convey and might be giving some message to the people.

  7. Bom dia, a arte e a criatividade estão ligadas, para gostar de uma peça de arte, é necessário compreender o que representa, gosto das peças de cavalos.

  8. Great work of arts ... although I should enhance my art appreciating skills more

  9. Interesting, Joy... I am not a lover of some kinds of art---but there are all kinds of people in this world with all kinds of likes and dislikes. I'm sure that some people LOVE this particular art. Me???? I'm more interested in seeing God's beautiful world through nature...


  10. Engelen på bilete nr.7
    Ein liknande engel har søstra mi over pianoet sitt.
    Den er fin!

    Det andre verkar framandt for meg..


  11. I liked the angel the best!
    Artists creating wonderful art I always enjoy.

    Thanks for sharing Joy.
    Have a lovely weekend

  12. The first of many horses seemed like a project for the entire art class to use a mold and then paint the horse however they would like. I am not into modern art, but the pieces were interesting.

  13. I am glad you could enjoy a movie and then your husband cooked for you! That was very nice.


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