Sunday, April 20, 2014

Women behind the masks!

Hi there friends! What's new lately? 
Hope you are still enjoying Easter.
Anyway, the title of my post is " Women behind the masks. The reason for that was that Julie, a young friend of mine invited us her friends to a masquerade party. Not that she didn't like our faces, but I believe she wanted to have a special kind of birthday celebration.

Luckily, I didn't need to buy a mask because I had already one. It was given to me by a friend which she bought in Italy when she was there on vacation a few years ago.

I have to try it first. What do you think?

Julie lived nearby before, but she moved to another place to come nearer to where she works. It is a one hour drive actually for them who are used to drive long distances. But for me who drives like a turtle...well, it took me one and half hour drive :)

Anyway, I stopped  halfway the trip to this place to wait for a friend, Maria Stella who was going drive with me.
Took some pictures while waiting. It was overcast and it was raining  that time, so the pictures were not so clear.
But still, the nature was awesome.

Say hello to Maria Stella  who drove with me:) 

Here is the place where Julie lives. 

Nice view from her apartment.

Meet Julie, the birthday celebrant! Busy preparing the foods.

Afterwards, more guests arrived. Shiela is an expert cook. She helped Julie with the rest of food preparation.

With her were the invited men. They were allowed to come without a mask:) Lucky for them.
While the ladies were busy with food garnishing, the men left to take a walk outside.

While me....busied myself in taking pictures:)

Maria Stella was a little bit hungry, so she found comfort in eating fruits.

Julie's apartment was not over decorated. I liked her style. What captured my attention were her wall decorations.

This was from the Philippines.  

Another one

Well, this one I believed was bought here in Norway.

At last the other guests arrived wearing their masks.

Me, Cheche, Cristina, Nelda, Jessa and Maria Stella

and the most important ones: Julie's sister Doreen and the birthday celebrant :)

Now for the foods: 

Biff steak style, only Julie used pork meat

Fried chicken

pancit for long life as always

Julie wishing everyone: Bon appetit! 

After eating, we just talked and laugh and laugh more. 

Of course the men must participate  wearing a mask too.

See! Cute isn't it?

We found a partner with a mask  for Julie..just for picture taking.

Maria Stella borrowed this nice guy, this time with no mask...just for picture taking too:)

Then a group picture with masks..

then the ladies behind the masks.

Me and Meria Stella were supposed to leave earlier, so Doreen served cakes and coffee right after the dinner.

Doreen, baked all the cakes  for her sister Julie. So nice of her:)

Look what I found! Red cake  like  my  dress:)

another one in pink

Anyway, I just want to thank Julie for a wonderful time. Until next time again:)

Leaving you this thought!



  1. Yummy !
    Beautiful pictures ! Happy birthday to Julie !
    Hi to Maria Stella and Cheche, Cristina, Nelda, Jessa and everyone over there :)
    You look awesome wearing that mask :)
    Cheers !

  2. great birthday theme! the second photo on the menu list prior to the fried chicken doesnt have a it adobo? bistek? just guessing heheh

  3. From Italy pa talaga ang mask. :)

  4. Joy, your posts always touch my heart! Your photos are lovely and the food looks amazing, as do the lovely views and beautiful people. God bless you and all your amazing friends. Happy Easter!

  5. So cute, a themed party. I have always wanted to attend a masquerade ball. The food looks delicious especially one of my favorites, beef steak. Please send my belated birthday greeting to your friend.

  6. In America most people call them mardi gras masks (though most of them are green, yellow, or purple) cause that's typically the only time they're used.

  7. Åå dere vet å kose dere og så flotte jenter med stilige masker.
    Ha en fin dag fra Marit.

  8. That's a great idea for a party Mommy Joy. Good thing you took the mask of, or else we wouldn't have seen your beautiful face :)

    It must be nice seeing wall decors from the Philippines in a home in Norway - brings you back and reminds you of home :)

    Not a good idea to look at all the food pics when on a diet hehe :)

  9. The mask party looks very interesting! Your mask is so pretty. You and all with masks amusing and you and all without masks are very beautiful. Your cake is pretty and looks tasty.
    Have a nice week!

  10. It looks like everyone had fun! What a great idea, to use masks!

  11. Ang bongga lang:) at lady in red ang drama mo

  12. What a fun party and lovely masks.


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