Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Foods at the beach and everywhere!

Wow! It feels like weekend. I have free from work now because it is Holy week. Have more time to blog ( wink) and to do somethings that I love doing. 
Anyways, I am still blogging from my vacation in the Philippines. This time, I am going to show the foods that I have eaten when I was there at the beach with my family.
Hope you  get hungry! Just joking:)

I think this  consists of liver, potatoes, carrots and paprika with spices.

Grilled chicken and pork

fried squids

Pinakbet ( vegetables with shrimp paste)

the famous " pancit"

pancit canton


Paksiw na pata

They have entertainment at night too at the beach. Wonderful! First time for me to experience such event.

Of course we have to eat again too:)

After some days, we celebrated my older sister's birthday

We had eaten " Palabok"

I bought her cakes

Sapin sapin is made of rice, sugar and coconut milk, I believe

Grilled pork, hotdogs and cooked rice

We celebrated her birthday at the swimming pool near the place where my son lives.

Some of my grandchildren and a niece enjoying the pool

My sisters, me, our mother and brother- in-laws

My sons family with two of his three children, my oldest daughter with her two children and the birthday celebrant. 

Leaving you this prayer 
Live today...our decisions today affects our tomorrows..

Father, make our heart soft and sensitive for you TODAY.
Be obedient when we walk in the wilderness or in the flowering fields.
Let our hearts be always tunes in to you,
so that we will follow your ways.
Do not let us turn away from your words.
I pray that we encourage each other daily.
 As you inspired us with your goodness
and marvelous deeds, let us also inspires others ,
with your goodness through us.
Help us to be bold and hold on until the end.

In Jesus name I pray.


  1. Lots of good food and nice presentations, Joy. And so nice to see beautiful smiling faces.

  2. I love all the food you posted, na miss ko lalo yung Pinas. Have great Holy Week, Joy:)

  3. We are going through Holy Week also... We have worship services for Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Holy Saturday ---all leading up to EASTER Sunday.
    It is an emotional week ---but we all know that Easter will come --and that Christ will LIVE.... Alleluia.

    Your meals when you were in the Philippines looked delicious. We have a similar dish to your first one --but we use beef instead of liver... Ours is called Beef Pot Roast..


  4. Ahahaha tinalo mo pa mami mga post ko with food. Prade of foods talaga to.. maygoodness, nakakagutom.

  5. Ang sarap naman ng foods nyo Mommy Joy. Ginutom ako bigla XD

  6. It looks like everyone had a wonderful time. Your family seems so close.

  7. Grabe, kakagutom naman ng food! yummy! penge ako mommy joy! hehe

  8. If pictures have calories too, I would have a stroke right now. Hahaha! Aaaah! I miss the food in the Philippines!!!!

  9. It made me droll! yay! ha ha! Happy Holy week!

  10. kakagutom...nagkamali ako sa pagvisit sa blog mo ngayon at nagfafasting ako hahahahah

  11. sarap ng mga food ( insert naglalaway at nagtatakam face here )

  12. sarap naman ng mga foods! iba talaga ang pagkaing pinoy :)


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