Saturday, April 19, 2014

The joy of Easter!

Now it is time to rejoice for what Jesus had done for us. Not that I am going to drink wine or be wild, but just be happy and merry.
Anyway,  I won this bottle of wine from out lottery at work some days ago and it feels always good to win something:) 

Since yellow is Easter color in Norway, I bought these orchids to decorate my kitchen table for the Easter.

It is still blooming after some days

Beautiful in near shot, isn't it?

Well what I had been doing in my spare time this Easter?
I began to crotchet a pink dress for a doll. It is big enough for a newborn baby too:)
Here is the beginning of my project.

It is soon finished

The finished product. My mother -in-law asked me if soemone is going to have a baby:)

My model doll. Too big for her.

I have to adjust the pattern next time to suit my doll or maybe buy a bigger doll or wait for my next girl grandchild:)

I have been out for a walk too and found these beauties around.

" Caught in the act"

 Still wishing you Happy Holy Week. Red color for Jesus blood.

Ending this post with this prayer 
Father, thank you that I am like  a clay that you can mold 
with your gentle and loving hands.
It would be so marvelous to be decorated by your artistic mind.
To be admired because I am created by you.
Designed by the best  CREATOR of all.
Mold me Lord as a vessel that can be useful
for you and for others.
I pray in Jesus name.



  1. Beautiful post, Joy. Happy Easter!

  2. Gorgeous photos, Joy, and you look radiant! God bless you, and Happy Easter.

  3. I'm glad you won the wine! Your Easter orchids are lovely as are your other flowers. Love the red dress, pretty lady! Happy Easter, Joy.

  4. Happy Easter Ms. Joy , ganda naman ng mga flowers ... blooming just like you : )

  5. congrats sa pagkapanalo ng wine....nice photos....

  6. Beautriful flowers hots Mami. Miss you! Happy Easter

  7. Happy Easter to you. Hope you have a blessed day. We are enjoying the day with family on this gorgeous Easter day!


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