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Anyways, since I am in Norway, I want to show first the church who is nearest to my place. 
This is a not a Catholic
 church, but more on Protestant church way of preaching. I really go seldom here because I am a member of a free church which we called here : 

Fosen Kristne Senter ( Fosen Christian church)

So let us move to another church. This church is one hour drive from our place. I just took picture of the church when we drove by one day.

This church is in Kragerø which I took a picture when I was invited to the  baptism of one of my sister's grandson.

A church in Trondheim city when I was invited to the confiramation of my cousin's son.

Following are churches in Stavanger city where my younger sister lives here in Norway and one of her daughters too.

But the best church I visited was Familia Sagrada in Barcelona.
 It was really my husband who was very interested to see this place. I was really surprised because he was not fond of visiting churches.  Well, I hope I contaminated him of being a believer:)

The Sagrada Familia is still under construction. Building work begun in the late 19th century and is now funded by churchgoers and devotees, and through ticket revenue from visitors or the tourists. It was Antoni Gaudi's dream, an  architect, to which he devoted much of his life. At the time of his death in 1926, only one of the towers had been completed. The continuation of  Gaudi's project has become unmistakable symbol of Barcelona.

Come along and see this magnificent place with me.

 The entrance

This is the front facade who is decorated with statues of Jesus and the saints. It tells the  story of Jesus life. One can really tell or feel that here is a holy ground.

Inside the church is decorated with colorful glass windows. It was meant to make the visitors feel the beauty of nature inside the church.

This is the altar. They held mass many times a day. Open for everybody who wants to participate.
The ceilings 
It is really fascinating. 

This is the back of the church. The walls are decorated with curved figures of the saints like in the front facade. As if one is reading bible stories upon looking at the pictures. 

Anyway, we wanted to visit the tower too. So we took the elevator up to 50 meters . We had to pay extra for that. As you can see, we are now on top. 
It was scary to look down.

The only  negative thing was that we had to go down these stairs after leaving the tower. Since the passage was so narrow, we couldn't go back because there were people behind us. 
And the nightmare begun. My knees were shaking and I believe my husband too because he was not really happy going downstairs. He was afraid that the construction wouldn't hold. 
But, anyway, we survived and ended in this museum where they shows the small models of the church constructions.

The museum was huge and there were  lot of pictures, models and relics in there. But I believed I have to end this post before you get bored. 
Anyway, me and my hubby agreed that we will not visit another church or museum that day. We just wanted to breathe some fresh air. Our knees were still shaking after the visit from the tower. Well, what could we expect? We are getting older....

Leaving you this thought:
Although there are thousands of magnificent churches all over the world, 
but keep it in mind that we are God's temple and therefor a church  that should bring life and haven to all the people that  God sends into our lives.



  1. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

  2. These are so cool! Great pic's! BTW I am one of your newest followers! <3

  3. So incredibly nice, churches and art that is impressive.
    Great pictures, good Sunday from Marit.

  4. It's always neat to see how different the designs of churches can be. While many do look "plain", some are very awe-inspiring in design. I always like the most unique ones that think outside the box. My brother lives near one (but doesn't attend this one in particularity) that is very sleek and modern from the glance I saw while traveling down the road.

    I attend a Unitarian Universalist Church, which isn't technically Christian as it has members of almost all viewpoints. It was built almost in pieces in different decades, so while the sermon area looks very "church like" the rest of the building could be mistaken as a rec center.

    1. SO interesting information about churches from you Adam. Thanks

  5. These are really beautiful photos. Thank you so much for sharing.

  6. What a great picture tour! Thank you for sharing... and seeing it this way, my legs didn't have to get shaky!

    I loved the way you ended this about our bodies being the temple of the LORD. Great post!


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