Monday, April 30, 2012

Spicing up our lovelife!

As you can see in the picture, the weather is perfect. Sky is blue and the sea is calm.

So we decided to explore the beauty at sea:)

Inside the boat...

Being with my husband is one of the best thing in my life:)

Maybe like these birds? It is always nice to have someone with you:)

Now I see twinkling stars in sight!

The beauty of foaming seawater...

around us.......

It was really a spicy day:)

"Thought for the day"

Doubt sees obstacles;
Faith sees the way.
Doubt sees the darkest nights;
faith sees the day.
Doubt questions, " Who believes?"
Faith answers , " I". 


  1. Wow, galing ng shots mo. But it seems cool pa rin dyan, in short sa word natin cold.hheheeeheh. I like this getaway with your hubby.sweet!

  2. Thank you for sharing those beautiful pictures of your day at sea! You are right -- the day looked perfect! Blessings, Joan

  3. Beautiful. Thank you for sharing your day and the lovely pictures with us.

  4. I love how you express your love for your husband! I feel the same way about mine. :-) The photos are very beautiful - shows how inspired you are.

  5. I wish I was at the water today! Thanks for allowing me to visit through your blog!

  6. Lovely quote!:) the view is fantastic.

  7. Hello Joy! :) lovely reading your blog. The twinkling on the water looked beautiful. The thought for the day was encouraging to have faith that God provides a way. God bless, Daisy

  8. Awesome capture of sun burst! I think I read it somewhere that you're using nikon dslr cam? Well that's cool, way to go mommy joy! About your dual citizenship query, yes po it's existing in UDI's new rules. Btw, you can contact me thru my email if you wish: so i can answer po your another query :) hugs!

  9. Thank you for taking me along on your lovely boat trip with you and your handsome hubby. I agree, time with our hubbies is the best! I love each picture as I love the water, the sea and boats. Although at this point in our life we walk beaches and look out to the sea. As always I take photos, as you do. Lovely day you had. Blessings.


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