Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Tromsø: The wedding

We are three sisters that are living here in Norway. One older than me and the other is younger than me. Our younger sister's oldest daughter ( she has three) invited us to come to her wedding in Tromsø. We were all excited not only for the wedding, but to meet relatives that  were invited too and to see Tromsø. So here we are at the airport with my brother-in-law. His wife was the one who was taking the picture. My husband was ombord the ship  that time.

Arriving at Tromsø. Me and my older sister!

The bride and the bridegroom fetched us at the airport. The day before the wedding.

Since there was an ongoing festival that week-end, there was no vacant room in every hotel in the area. But the couple found this Tromsø Camping   for us.

And the mother's bride. Our younger sister. She also stayed with us. We were so happy to meet each other again.

As you can see in the smiles!

But the day before the wedding, we were invited by the couple to have a get together party in their place.

Here are the girls in the family. Both young and old.

Aside from the food that the couple prepared for dinner, my niece catched a fish from the terrace with a fishing hook. 

The next day: The wedding was  to be held in the afternoon so we went to the town first to look around. 

This is the city of Tromsø. Me and my older sister!

Me and my brother-in-law!

Yehey, the rain stopped!

Cute, isn't it?

Want to join us?

I found the statue of the former king. He was too big for me:)

As I said there was a festival and although it was raining, it didn't stop them having a parade.

This is the church where the couple will promise later to love each other forever .

At last!

The reception was in a restaurant on top of a mountain. But since it was raining the view was not so clear.

But anyway, the smiles on the newly-weds faces brightened our day!

Beautiful table-setting.

And the foods....really mouth watering!

And the dessert!

The gifts!

The lovely couple!

The newly-wed cakes!

In the picture from the left side: mother of the bride, our cousin, my older sister, the bride, me, our aunt,  my sister second daughter and her youngest. Sisters of the bride.

And we wished them to live happily ever after! 

And now after two and half years....... their prince!

Very memorable wedding and trip to Tromsø.


  1. Mommy Joy, you have beautiful family - siblings, daughters and nieces! You look great with long hair pala.

    So that's Tromsø? I'm gonna see this place soon, now I have a lil' glimpse over the place. Excited much. Klem

  2. what a beautiful place and even more beautiful people. You have a lovely family.

  3. Nice place and great people. Close family ties, that's proudly pinoy =)

  4. Some lovely photos and a beautiful happy wedding celebration.
    You and your younger sister look so alike ;D

  5. someday, i will see Norway!! stopping by from FLAG.. monica.. btw , we are building our first library.and we will put your name as one of supporters who helped us make it happen.. God bless. take care

  6. Hi Joy, Such a beautiful family and wedding couple. Love each picture. The joy and happiness just overflows out of each photo and I could not stop smiling. What an wonderful family you have. Oh yes, the little one is a prince, so adorable. Blessings.

  7. it's the boots that caught my eye... i want a pair too ^_^

  8. What a wonderful family you have, Joy. I'm always jealous when friends talk about their sisters. I only had two brothers (both are dead now) ---and really wish I had had a sister... Enjoy yours as much as you can!!!!

    Looks like a beautiful wedding ---and look at that precious child now..... WOW---awesome photos... Thanks for sharing.

  9. Joy, I'm like you! We're 3 sisters living in America! And I'm also in the middle. :-)

  10. Lovely family you have there!! I have enjoyed looking at the pictures ;)

  11. congrats on the newly wed :-) what a beautiful views and pictures :-) Dropping by from Happiness Is

  12. stunning pictures and beautiful wedding shots. Congrats to the new couple and you guys look like you really have fun together and just love life.

  13. I love your pictures, Joy! Thanks for sharing.

  14. You have a beautiful family.
    Lovely pictures! and Mouth watering food, indeed :)


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