Monday, April 2, 2012


One summer my family agreed to spend our vacation in Bulgaria. This time in Varna!

 Airport in Bulgaria. Just waiting for our luggage.

We stayed on this hotel. It has a swimming pool for the guests. Nice and clean, but those who worked there were not so polite. 

We arrived at the  hotel past midnight, hungry and thirsty, met by a  receptionist who was not friendly at all. We asked her where we can buy drinking water and food, and she just told us to go outside, walked ca 500 meter where we can find another hotel who was open past midnight and selling something to eat. But to go out past midnight in a dark and unknown place was not so easy for us. But we were so thirsty and hungry, so off we went. And I just prayed while we were walking, asking God for protection. And we indeed found the hotel and found something to eat. 
Next morning, we passed by the reception and say good morning to those who worked there. Or else they would not say a word. What a difference! 
We spent a vacation in the Philippines in 2004 and my husband was so impressed of the hotel employees that  were so polite. Always smiling and greeting us good day and opening the door for us everytime we passed by. Well,  there is difference in culture. And maybe it is tiring for the employees also to say hello to every guest  whole the day. So, I understand them. 

Anyway we were there to enjoy, so here we are roaming around!
 My daughter just had to go to all the shopping stall. Looking for something to buy. She thought that we had a bag full of money. But she was wrong, coz his daddy is not a millionaire. But we had  follow her anyhow. Lucky that she didn't find much that she liked. Good for us and our wallets. 


 The hotel is only one kilometer away  from the beach, restaurants and shopping area. So it was a nice walking distance for us. But sometimes, we took this train to roam around, when our feets needed rest.

 Enjoying the ride:)

Stopped by in many different places!

Since we were on vacation there, we didn't cook our food in the hotel. We tried different restaurants. They do serve big portions meal for very low prices. And they have also welcome drinks, but since me and my daughter does not drink alcohol beverage, my husband drinked them all. 

Bulgaria by night! Don't judge us! We just took picture outside the casino. 

Like I said, it was cheaper there, so we went to the beauty shop for hair treatment.

Time for entertainment! Fiesta Bulgaria. A bus pick us from the hotel so we can see  a showcase of Bulgaria's specialties.

A few of them. It was a very long program, so the result....
Before and after!

At last my husband found his long lost friend. The pirate:)

But me, I preferred  to wait for my chicken barbeque. The smell reminds me of my homecountry. 

It was very nice in Bulgaria, but there is no place like home..................................................................!

Bulgaria in 2007



  1. Mommy joy, ang ganda ng youngest child nyo po. Nalito ako kasi mukha lang kayong magkapatid hehe. What a lovely family you've got <3 Hugs.

  2. Thanks Gracie! Ikaw meron ka na bang anak?

  3. Joy, ang ganda naman dyan, thanks for sharing at least na tour ko na rin ang Bulgaria and I have an idea what is the place looks like.Same tayo ng feeling there's no place like home talaga lalo na sa Pilipinas..Ang sweet nyo ng hubby ang sexy mo sa last picture like your dress..

  4. nanibago naman ako sa name mu ngaun hehe


  5. I would love to travel and see some of the places you have been. Thanks for giving me a virtual tour!

  6. Hi joy! I'm sorry I was not able to visit sooner! have been really busy and sometimes I can't keep up with the comments on my blog! I've never been to Bulgaria, but it seems like a great place, especially if you're on a budget! Patsy from

  7. Nice pictures. The night life looks as exciting there. Glad the pool and hotel was nice too. Blessings to you Joy.

  8. I love seeing your vacation's a mini vacation for me!

  9. ... aside from the not so very polite hotel employees, i think Bulgaria is not that bad... i love the salon part btw... and there's really no place like home.

  10. Such a fun trip! Ang ganda namn ng ihawan nila ng barbeque dyan!

  11. Looks like a nice place! Thanks for sharing :-)

    Spanish Pinay


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