Saturday, April 7, 2012

Trip to Ålesund!

At last we are arrived home and  I can now  share my adventure these last few days. Unforgettable!

The story actually began when my husband decided to buy a second hand 24 feet boat. And he told me that we are going to check if  the boat is ok the next time he comes home. The plan was to sail the boat home to our place from a place called Fosnavåg. A little island outside Ålesund city. The distance is ca 120 nautical miles. He said that it will take us two days to sail. Of course it depends on the weather.

 Well, last Wednesday I took a two in half hour journey by fast ferry boat to a place called Kristiansund where the ship that my husband works docked. My husband was going to wait for me there.
 I haven't seen him for the past four weeks and I was very excited to see him, like a high school girl going on her first date.

                        This is the Terminal in Kristiansund where my husband waited for me.

We didn't had the time to roam around in Kristiansund because the bus to Ålesund was about to leave. My stomach was already already in turmoil before the journey. Actually  I don't like travelling or driving when the road is slippery, but I had no choice. Thanks God that although it snowed a lot, the road was not slippery at all. The snow was already melted on the road except for some places. 

After circa four hours trip by bus and ferry boat, we arrived in Ålesund. The plan was to take a ferry boat to another island where we are going to stay in one of the hotel there, so that the boat owner can fetch us very early in the morning. But since it was Easter, the hotel in that island was close. So we stayed overnight in Ålesund. And luckily we found this hotel.

                                                        First Hotel Atlantica

We were just looking for  a place to sleep that night, so it was more than good enough for us.

The hotel's lobby

As you can see in the pictures, the corridor, the room and the bathroom are clean. And they have soap, shampoo, balsam and lotion to make us dirty guests clean and smell good. And we really needed a long hot shower after a long journey. 

But before everything else, we have to eat dinner. There was only one hotel employee who worked in the restaurant and we waited almost one hour before she came with the food. But, we did not complain. We saw how she did her best for all the guests. And when one is hungry, the food taste even better. 

Ålesund city burned down in 1904 and after that, it was rebuilt in " Art Nouveau Style" as you can see in the pictures.

The man in the picture  is my husband, on the way  to fast ferry boat that is going to take us to the other island. ( Hareid island)

My last picture in Ålesund!

This is the place where the fast ferry boat will dock.

And this is the entrance to the boat, where my nightmare began. To be continued in my next post.



  1. Kakilig naman mommy joy, parang teenager lang hehe. Went to Kristiansund yr 2008 po, 1 week stay then passed by Ålesund din. Mayaman sa kaisdaan po dyan, sarap ihawin hehe kaso di uso here

  2. oo nga gracie. Parang second honeymoon ng mga lolo at lola. he he. Yan ang masayang part ng journey ko until the next post. hihi

    1. Naks hehe. You remind me of my aunt, she was married to a sailor, same adventure :) it was my bday yesterday po.

  3. I enjoyed looking at the pictures. Grabe, 4 weeks without seeing your hubby! I can just imagine how much you have missed him. Nakakakilig talaga yang muling pagkikita ;-)

    Spanish Pinay


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