Tuesday, January 31, 2012

My soul mate!

I started  to tell about the highlights of my life in Norway, so it is but natural to tell one of the best things that had happened to me here.

I saw a man one day in the neighborhood picking dry leaves and branches coz it was a autum. My first autum i in Norway. It just came to my mind that I believed that this man will be my soul mate.  And I can really tell that after being married with him  for 21 years that he is really my soul mate. A man that makes me feel that I am the most beautiful woman in the world. Although I know that I am not. He he. He supported me all the way during my up and downs. And a very patient man. A man that respects me, takes care of me and loving me so much. He must be God's gift to me. Sometimes I wonder,  do I really deserved such a kind and loving  husband? Well, he seems to be happy being my husband :)

And this is my soul mate :)  Picture was taken many years ago:)

And this is me :)

In his mother's house. 

 And then we get married. I felt I was  Cinderella who captured the heart of a prince:) He was and is for me!

 And we lived happily ever after! I hope so. He he

And probably, I was the only one who experienced to have honeymoon on the ship,  where my husband worked. I had been with him ombord and had seen places like Scotland and England where the ship docked. 

Ombord the ship where the guys meet during their breaks. 

This is the machine room!

My husband onbord!

And I have to try this suit that I have to put on in case of emergency. I was happy though that the journey went well that I did not have to use it, coz it was too big for me. 

Well, actually the journey was an adventure for me, but I won't do it again. Why? I had been vomiting  everytime the ship was moving. And to see the high waves that I thought will drown us down was not a good feelings to have, especially when one is on honeymoon.

Anyway, it's a memorable honeymoon :)  


  1. Hello Ms. Joy! :) Glad to her that you found your soul mate. ^__^ I actually love to hear stories like this though I haven't found mine yet, hehe. I think it's a nice experience to have a honeymoon on the ship sans the seasickness.

    I wish the both of you more years of love and happiness. Take care! ^__^

    1. Thanks Karla and I wish you will find yours too!It is realy worth:)

  2. You are both lucky for having each other! Honeymoon on the ship sounds fun!

  3. Yes Anney, it was fun and unique. he he

  4. wow! nakakatuwa naman pagmasdan ang mga photos ninyo.... saka bagay na bagay po kayo...

    Happy to hear na hanggang ngayon mas tumitibay ang relationship ninyo... tama nga na kapag nasa Gitna si God sa isang relationship mas tumitibay ang pundasyon...

    Nakakatuwa -- kasi tulad ni Cinderella nahanap na niyo ang prince charming ninyo....

    Nakakatuwa naman... parang Valentines lang hehehe

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