Sunday, January 29, 2012

My colorful clowns!

Since it's winter and it is dark and gloomy,  I try to make my day a little brighter. So I am still making clowns. Hope I can make others smile with these colorful clowns. I did :)

and a few cards that I made lately:)

for small girls

for the young at heart

for small boys

and hoping that spring will be here soon:)


  1. Replies
    1. Oo. One for each family nga yan. Kaya 3:)

  2. ngpromise ka nyan kay zyrish din ha... ganda ng mga cards mu. Wish mkagawa din ako nyan, kaso di ko pa priority ung pgbili ng mga materials. Pero ung dolls, di ko kayang gawin hehe. \ chels

  3. kaya nga one for each family:)

  4. one for each family? buti na lang isa lang anak ko. hehe!

  5. Same here! I can't wait for spring (& winter too)!
    You are soo clever & creative =)

  6. Cute clowns! I wanna make too :D hope I can


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