Thursday, January 12, 2012

The powerful name!

This year I am turning 50 years old. Actually, I don't feel really old until I see myself in the mirror. The wrinkles shows and I can see my  hair turning gray. Every month I have to dye my hair. Just to look younger.
And when the young ones say that they are getting older, what can I say? Soon I will be half a hundred years old.

Well, I am planning to have a little celebration when that time comes. Just with the nearest family and friends.   And typical me, if I am going to do something extra ordinary, I need to prepare so early as possible.

So today I started making table cards with the name of the guests. And as I began to write the  names, different feelings puffed up. Each person has their own personalities and I thought maybe I will write on their cards how I see them as  a person. Well, it is just a thought. I am not sure if I will do it.

Anyway as I pondered about the names, I thought about mine. Well, my name is Ligaya and it means joy. Easy! Well, I am happy person and my worst enemy is loneliness. I always do everything I can, so that I won't have any lonely moments. Well, it makes me creative.

I thought about the names of my loved ones and  maybe  I have to google them one day, just to know the meaning of their names and if  they suit their  personalities.

But, God is really good. Good in reminding me about how important a name is. Coz in my devotion today, He showed me in JOhn 16.24

He said that when I pray in Jesus name, I will recieve and my joy will be complete. What a powerful name. So happy that I know Jesus. He is my Lord. And with him, I can do all things. It's His promise to all who believed!


So my friends.... tell me what your name is and who is the most important name to you and why.


  1. over...2 months to go pa, may table cards na...ikaw na ang excited mag 50. =)

  2. oo nga. For once, ngayon lang ko mag celebrate ng bday. sayang la kayo dito:(

  3. Advance happy birthday! Naku you don't look 50 at all! Para nga lang kayo magkapatid ni Michi e.

  4. this is nice, te.. :)
    my name is Jasmaine .. its actually from the name of a flower, mother just added "a" to make it special.. ;)
    your name just fit ur personality,te..ur indeed a joyful person, springs from within! ;)


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