Saturday, January 7, 2012

The roasted goose!

Last autum a pair of goose was flying in the horizon unaware of a hunter that was aiming his gun to them. And suddenly " pang" and the other one was hit with the bullett and landed on the ground. What a tragic fate. The other goose was left alone doomed to be alone for the rest of her life, while the hunter was very proud of his catch. At last after waiting too long for the geese to appear, he can now go home and tell the family how he shoot the goose. 

And this goose was served last Christmas........

We ate the meat together with baked potatoes in cream sauce and salad, and it was very delicious. But after eating the the roasted goose, I began to think how this one must sacrifice so that we can be fed. 

I wonder how God felt when Jesus was beaten and crucified on the cross , so that we can have life and be saved. What an offer and what a sacrifice!

Do we think about what God has done for us? Do we have that kind of love? I thought about it after eating the roasted goose.

 I feel sorry for the other goose that is going to spend the rest of her life without her partner. No one knows, maybe one day this one too will end as a roasted goose. 

But anyway, I just thank Jesus coz He loved us so much that He was willing to die for us. An offer that only He can do.


  1. Dati namn yung sa manok awang awa ako habang kinakatay at ginigilitan sa leeg. Pero manok, ang sarap mo talaga! Nakakakonsyensya minsan diba? Para makakain tayo ng masarap may kailangan mag suffer.

  2. oo nga anney. Pero talaga ganon. Well, I believe they are made by God for us to eat. Na ka touch lang kasi they also have life.

  3. sabi ni ariel masarap daw yan.

  4. Oo nga. Masarap. Lasang fisk and meat at the same time.


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