Thursday, January 19, 2012

Life as a foreigner!

Home but not home!

I have been living in Norway now for 22 years  and I feel that this place is my home... well most of the time. Looking at myself, I will never look like a Norwegian. Both my skin color and  my eyes  are brown. My hair is originally black and now they are turning gray. So I need to dye my hair. I can dye my hair blond, but I will look like crazy woman. It will not fit the rest  of my appearance.  Although I learned to speak and write  Norwegian, still I don't speak  and write like the native one. Quite frustrating sometimes...coz language is very important. And the more I write and talk in another language like English, the more I need to learn more of Norwegian language. And I wish I could be so fluent with the language that I can speak and write like the natives. 

Well, I am going fifty soon and I am a kind of person who wants to learn many things and these takes time. So a little of this and  a little of that won't make me expert of one thing. Anyway, happy for every little progress I am achieving.

Happy to be in this country though who had given me many opportunities in life and although this is not my home country, it adopted me and made me feel welcome. 

When I am in my home country, I speak the same language, I look like everybody and eat the same food and feels that I can be me,  but still it is not home coz  home is where I have my own bed, my own things and where I can  find rest after a hard days work.

So, I feel that I am a foreigner whether I am in my homecountry or in this country that I am living in.   

Well, no one can have everything, so I just live my life and do my best anywhere God destined me to be. Happy though that no matter where I will be, God will be there too:) One day, I will not be a foreigner anymore. Coz,  I will be in heaven. Home!

It is His promise to all who believe:)


  1. there's no place like home kaya uwi ka na. hehe!

  2. Hirap ako matulog pag di ko kama ang tinutulugan ko. There's no place like home talaga! Lagi akong ganyan pag may mga out of town trips kami. Saka lagi ako may dalang kulambo! lol! maliit lang namn pinutol ko. kinukulambuan ko kasi paa ko pag natutulog or else di ako makakatulog. hihihi!

    1. yon na nga anney. iba talaga yong amoy natin ang naaamoy before going to bed:)we sleep well.

  3. yeah, no man is an island tlga.i like your thoughts. visiting from:


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