Monday, January 2, 2012

A clown!

I just made this clown and I fell in love with it. He is very colorful and looking at this clown makes me kinda alive. Strange how this clown  makes me happy!

I remember last year when I attended my grand daughter's 7th birthday celebration.

There were two clowns in the party that made everybody laugh. Just looking at them puts smiles on our faces.

But  typical me, I began to ponder.....again. These clowns made everybody happy and as we watched them, no one of us had think that maybe deep inside them, they were unhappy. Because these two clowns are two ordinary people wearing a mask, to do a job. ¨

It made me think that as ordinary people, although we don't wear a mask of a clown, we do wear different kind of mask everyday. Why?

-Maybe to hide what is inside us?

-we want to be liked or  admired.

-  we don't want for others to see that we are weak

- to pretend that we are somebody

-  to trick someone?

- to protect us from being hurt?

-  to be a real clown that makes other people laugh and have a good time.

-  to pretend to be happy, when we are not

But we can wear whatever mask we might have, but we can't hide anything from God. And for me, it's a relief. Coz then He knows if I need help, need to be comforted, needs peace,  and is hurting. I don't need to pretend to be somebody just to be liked by Him. He knows my weaknesses and my inadequacy. I only need to be me. I don't need to be a clown or wear a mask. We only need to be us to come to God. He said:

I worked in an activity center for the elderly. And my job is to entertain them and make them happy. So, many times I need  an unseen mask to hide what I really feel. Coz, my feeling goes up and down everyday. It depends on my circumstances or what is happening with my life. Although I am hurting inside, I cannot show them what I feel. I need to be a clown to make them happy. And guess what! By making them happy makes me forget what I feel. Laughing cures my aching body and soul.


A laugh a day keeps the doctor away
Laughter is the best medicine

So go ahead! Be a clown  and spread laughter around you:)


  1. its true! ur a clown te who needs not any accessories! ur sweet smile and a happy and kind heart cheer us up! its also because you have Jesus, the source of goodness and happiness in your heart! so bless to have known a clown! ;)

  2. Thank you so much for your nice words. I was overwhelmed. To God be the glory:)

  3. galing ng clown mo. gawa mo ethan. =)

  4. There are times in our lives na para talaga tayong clown. Masaya ang panglabas pero deep inside may pinagdadaanan. Sometimes ayaw na nga lang nating ipakita ito sa mga mahal natin sa buhay para di na din sila maapektuhan. Tanging si God nga lang ang nakakaalam ng lahat ng nararamdaman natin. Hope you have a fruitful 2012!

  5. Wow, ang galing naman =)
    So true, we can't be ourselves all the time and sometimes we have to wear a mask to do the task at hand. But the good thing is we can be ourselves with God.
    Happy New Year and all the best for 2012 =)

  6. Thanks Anney and Kristeta. Hope both of you all the best too this year:)


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