Thursday, February 2, 2012

Heart breaking choices!

As  I said in my last blog, I felt that I was like Cinderella who captured a prince. I like to compare myself to her because  my life was quite like her. Not that I now lived in a palace, but before she reached that point of having a happy life, she had to suffer first. And that is my story too.

For some that had the oppurtunity to be born with silver spoons in their mouths, life was a little bit easier for them than others who were born in a less fortunate life.

And for me that was not so lucky, I had to struggle to survive ever since I was born. A life that I didn't wish even my worst enemy would have. A life that I did not choose, but I was born that way.

As I grow up I made a some choices in my life that were not good, but  have to. Suffered painful consequences that made my life miserable. But life had brought me good things too. At the age of twenty, I was already a mother of three. Although the father was one of my unlucky choice, but my children, they are gifts to me. They have been my inspiration to do something with my life and their lives. To strive so  that  they can have  a better life than I have.

Then the oppurtunity came. My sister in Norway offered me an Au-pair jobb. She was going to school and needed someone to take care of her children. And I thought this can be a chance for me to have a better income to provide for my children. And again..... a heartbreaking choice. I was lucky though to have a mother and sisters who could look after my  children while I am abroad.

And departing from them was the worst ever, the very first time. Tears were shed in our eyes. Hearts that ached so much that they were like balloons that were about to burst.

 Those that are working abroad know how heartbreaking that can be. Leaving your children behind and going to an unknown world to try to make a better life  for everybody. A choice that I did make no matter how painful it was. And life goes on.......inspite of more tears and hard work.  But the good things is that although life has not been easy for me, it made me stronger and happier. And I  experienced God's mighty hands worked in every circumstances of my life. I got comforted, strengthened and  blessed. He sent help to me when I needed it the most.
Believing God is the best choice that I made in my life and I will never, never change that choice.

And I  have a dream....dream to be reunited with my loved ones again, in a better place and in a better world. Where I don't need to make a heartbreaking choice. That keeps me going.

How about you? What heatbreaking choice you did make that change your entire life?

Well, writing this blog made me cry. It brought back lots of memories.
 I hope that it won't make you cry too.



  1. As i read your post sis, it made me a teary eyes. GOD is good all the time, so HOLD on to HIM, no matter what happen in LIFe. The hardest decision I made is to follow my heart and give up my career where I am on the top position that every one wants to be, and now a stay home mom with my only child, and no friends here except my husband family and friends.Life is still good.visiting from;

    1. Thanks for reading my post and you are right. As ling as we hold on to God, we will
      Be happy no matter what:)

  2. Such a touching story! I'm sure you'll live happily ever after just like Cinderella's story. May God bless your marriage till the end of time. Tagal nyo na ding married and still going strong.

  3. Your story never fails to make me teary-eyed. Hanga ako sayo, Mommy Joy! For being such a strong woman, for surviving all the pain and most importantly, for holding on to your faith! God is indeed good! Stay happy now! :D

  4. Thanks Joanne:) yes, God is indeed good to us:)


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