Sunday, February 19, 2012

Memories : Lillehammer

When our youngest daughter was still a baby, we just stayed at home and did not spend any vacation outside our home. But when she reached the age of three, we found out that we can already do it, because then she can enjoy the trip.

And this is our first trip to Lillehammer one summer many years ago.. 

Norway is known for trolls and I thought it will be  nice to  have a picture together with the troll. But my daughter was so afraid, as you can see in the picture.

She did not want to look at at troll at all:(

But enjoyed riding this man made cow:)

.                                               This is also a man made cow.

And these well known people were made of wax.

In this place, children were allowed to drive without a license. He he. So she did drive at the age of three:)

At last she found a playmate :)

Picture taking with her mother:)

And her mother again :)

This time she wanted to be alone in the picture.

But where was the father? Here he was at the children's playground. He was still young at heart :)

Then its coffee and ice cream time after the trip:)

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