Friday, February 3, 2012

Having a baby!

At 50! Well, Sara was 90 years old. Just joking. he he. Not  in my wildest dreams:)  But it happened many years ago.  I just want to refresh my memory coz I am getting older and I have been reading blogs lately about motherhood . So, I want to share mine. Although all mothers have one thing in common...almost, but there is always a story quite different from others.

For example like mime. I got pregnant when I was 15 years old. Very early. But life's circumstances made it happened. Bad choice in life! So what was my feelings then?  Afraid of course. I asked myself, will I manage to take care of a little baby? Will I be a good mother? What can I give to this baby when I don't have much to give?  And my nearest family were not with me. They did not even know  where I was. Then the baby came. It was a boy. The doctor who helped me to deliver the baby told me that it was a cute little boy. And from that time on, I have been proud of my cute little boy who had grown up and now a father of three cute children.

                                              My one and only son with his family!

Then, again...another baby. How naive I was . But I was young and no others to turn to that can give me advice. But I was happy though having this daughter of mine.

Again....afraid. Thoughts that how can I take care of two babies? Then I decided to contact my sisters and my parents. And they were happy to see me again after many years without communication. And since it was their first grandchild and nephew, it was love at first sight. Although they did not have much, but they had given their support and love. Now, at least I have my nearest family to support me. And another baby came. This baby probably had been born in a taxi cab if we havent seen a hospital nearby. She was in a hurry to come out. Although it was only eleven months in between these two babies of mine, I took good care of them. I was young, but I have that what they called mother's love.

My second daughter with her family. 

But it does not stop there! After three years, I got pregnant again. What was special with this baby was it was born at home. We called the midwife, she came and another baby girl was born. And addition, this baby looks like me, unlike my  two first born. They were like their father. Anyway, she got all the attention from everyboddy and her older brother and sister helped to take care of her. And they grow up, blessed by God with understanding and talents that helped them succeed in life.

                                               My third daughter with her family!

 Years went by and life was not easy for each and everyone of us. Their father  went astray and I have to work to support my children. Having no college education that time, it was difficult for me to earn well. And that is why it was a blessing for us when I was given the oppurtunity to work in Norway. I found my soul mate here and  got the chance to get a higher education and now working in a place where I can be creative and be myself. And I was able also to send my children to college. Sounds easy, but it was not.

I work and study at the same time for many years in a different language so  that I can get a higher education for myself and to support my children to college. I cried,  I sweated and I prayed and I strived. Thanks God for  giving me strength, determination and courage. He reminded me always that those who seek in the Lord will renew their strength. So, I did my best and God helped me with the rest.

After three children, I thought that I was  finished having a baby, but my husband wanted a child. He has no one before. And luckily, I got pregnant again. But the feelings were not the same anymore.  I felt that I was already capable of being a mother and just looking forward to hold the baby in my arms. And  having a better life, I know then  in my heart that the baby will have a nice life.  But I still  waited with anticipation. Wondered if the baby will have blue or brown eyes? Will the baby inherits my brown skin or his father white skin? Will I manage to give birth to a baby that can be huge?

Well, it turned out well. Again I had given birth to a baby girl, almost 4 kilos, with brown eyes and hair. She was perfect in our eyes and she made everyone happy. Much awaited daughter, grandchild and niece. And this girl is now 18 years old. And still beuatiful in our eyes:)

I'm very lucky to be a mother of these children. I love them so much. God has been good to me inspite the difficulties in life:)

Hope to hear from other mothers who can relate to my stories:)

And  my advice to others who's having difficulties whether in being a  mother or at work or in any other areas of life: " Don't ever, ever give up." At the end, there is a reward.


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