Monday, May 12, 2014

Mountain climbing!

One of the things I wanted to do or dreaming to do was to climb mountains. To see and to feel that I am on top of the world.
Well, one day, an opportunity came when my young friend, Maria Stella,  invited me to mountain climbing near her place. So I asked Rowena, another young friend to accompany us.

Actually it is only a hill located in Åfjord, Norway. The estimate terrain elevation above sea level is 345 meters.

This is the starting point.

My young tour mates: Rowena and Maria Stella. 

Nice view at the starting point!

Here flows Åfjord's river where people try to catch salmons with their fishing hooks.

Look at our goal for the day!

Flower along the way...

Here I was, the grandmother ready for the climb

Pointing to the right path

signs all the way

Sara, Maria Stella's dog was with us too.

We didn't start the climbing yet

Now, on the way to their water reserve tanks 

There is a cottage her, but we saw no people

The first stop. We wrote our names in the book to show that we had reached so far.

But,  we had just began the climbing

As you can see, I was already up high here

We found a place to rest and to drink some water...

and take some pictures

Then we began the tough part...

higher and higher

resting again

It was overcast and it began to rain, so the view was not so clear.

Well, after using our feets and hands to climb, we reached the top.

See, I now have the mountain on the tip of my finger:)

The happy climbers!

Hurray for us!

Maria's lovemate came also. He used another way which was too much dangerous for us ladies.

Here are the views on top

We ate a little bit before descending the mountain.

Here you can see  Åfjord community where Maria Stella lives

They just have to take a break..waiting for grandma...

who was busy taking pictures:)

Then at last, we arrived safe at the starting point.

Very exhausted, but happy and proud that we did it:)

Well, it was just the beginning. More mountains to explore in another time.)

How about you? Do you want to explore mountain tops too?



  1. And I am sooo proud of you!!!! I want to encourage you to climb more.. :) Congratulations!!!!

  2. Thank you so much Arnie;)

  3. How wonderful, Joy! I am so happy for you! Lovely photos!

  4. I am half-hearted about climbing mountains, I like the part when you reach the summit but I hate the long walk and the long wait to get there. But always, it's a rewarding experience. You looked like you had fun mami Joy. Congratulations for reaching the top.

  5. WOW! High five for climbing! :) That's a great place to climb talaga :) Wish I can do it soon :)

    Have a great day!

    Jewel Clicks

  6. Ganda ng view Ms.Joy,and a great stamina for you too he he ... God bless you : )

  7. What wonderful views and a lovely walk.

  8. Så spreke jenter og flott tur dere har hatt, det var jo så flott utsikt.

    Flotte bilder av nydelig natur, takk for turen det var artig å få være med.


  9. Wow ang galing nyo naman po Mommy Joy ^_^

    Mahusay sa katawan ang pagha-hiking!

    Pero, parang ang ginaw ginaw ng paligid XD

  10. Ang ganda ng view from the top, parang painting lanbg :) Super ulit ang akyat nyo Mommy Joy.

    Belated Happy Mother's Day! :)

  11. Intetesting and beautiful! What an exciting thing to do!

  12. ang ganda po ng ilog :) bihira ako makakita niyan dito sa lungsod... halos patay na ang mga ilog dito...

    amazing ang mga view nung nasa taas na po kayo :)

  13. wow very nice view from top!
    Would like to go there and have a look myself ^^

  14. Hi Joy, I am SO proud of you!!!! What a great hike you all had --and the views were perfect... Congrats!!!!!! Hopefully, you will get to do more mountain climbing in the future.


  15. Nice Climb Ms Joy! Ang ganda ng views!

  16. AMAZING!! would like to experience mountain climbing too! Grabe ang ganda po ng pictures... ang gand ng views!! Super fun!!

  17. What a beautiful view... and you are so energetic to attempt and actually climb it. I'm afraid I just will look at others' photos... no climbing for me.. Diane

  18. ang ganda ng viewwwws! mountain climbing is really something that i'd like to try. ugh makes me want to graduate soon so i'll have my own means na to do something like that!

  19. Hi tita, I really enjoyed viewing this article, especially that hiking is one of those few things that truly make me happy. Finally, you get to experience mountain-climbing. I wish you more mountains to climb in the future. Cheers! :))

  20. oh gosh! eh kung ganyan kagandang view ang aakyatin ko why not diba? :)

  21. nice photos po! made me miss trekking sooo bad. heehee! :)

  22. Congratulation for reaching the summit! What beautiful scenes from the top! I have climbed some high mountain in japan. Very tired on the way to top but contentment filled my mind at the summit.
    Have a nice day!

  23. wow ang ganda kainggit ma'am :) ang astig congrats ma'am more mountains to climb....

  24. Gaano katagal ang pag-akyat?

  25. One hour or more depende sa bilis ng akyat anak;)

  26. wow congrats po... nice view... I'm not into mountains before, but I like it now... ehehe.. keep on climbing... :)

  27. I love the view on top of the mountains so from time to time I joined friends on their hike but it's a real struggle since I've fear of heights. I'm still trying, though. hehe... ganda ate Joy, at bilib ako sa 'yo. more mountains to climb... :)


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