Wednesday, May 7, 2014

The nice witch!

Yes, I am nice but not a witch. So it is not me, but the one who was about to appear before Easter, but I was not done with her then. 

I found this nice witch in a book. I copied the pattern, clipped with scissors and sewed them together.
Afterwards, I crocheted a hat  and I put on a knitted sweater for her.
An elderly  named her Petra.
Petra is a better name than calling her the nice witch.

What do you think of her?

Me and Petra..

Now, she is with the elderly everyday.

Leaving you this qoute:



  1. Beautiful post :)
    Good inspiring quote !

  2. I always fancy such dolls! Idk whyyyy... like coraline etc. it's cute!! Hi Petra! :))

    inspiring quote btw!

  3. Love Petra... She's a cutie pie ---even better than a 'nice' witch!!!!!

    Love that photo of you ---with your cute hair-do!! Love the 'pig tails'...

  4. Ang galing naman, kuha mo kagad ung pattern. Parang food lang na natikman mo kahit saan taz paguwe sa bahay kuha mo na kagad ang lasa. Isang talento talaga.

  5. Great post, Joy, and you look so lovely!

  6. Petra is a beautiful name for her...:) Thank you for sharing an inspirational post!!

  7. oh, damang-dama ko po ang iniwan niyong quote :)
    nakakatuwa po kayo ang dami niyo pong nagagawa, nadagdagan na naman po ang inyong doll :)

    1. Hi hi. The doll belongs to activity center where I work Jep:)

  8. sipag nyo po talaga mommy Joy :))

    kaaliw si Petra the witch. mas bagay sya tuwing Halloween!


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