Thursday, May 1, 2014

Why did you come back?

I don't want any more snow in this time of year....but it came back again this morning...made my plants suffer:(

Fortunately,  the snow melted in the afternoon

But when I woke up this morning, snow again...

Snow, snow go away...come again in winter:)

Ending this post with my prayer for the day:

Difficult to love....
Lord, I pray that you always help us to love the unlovable.
Forgive although we are  getting hurt.
Give although it means to sacrifice our own needs.
Serve although it seems no reward for it.
Let our  love be shown in action, not only in words.
Let our hearts rest in your presence in the midst of it all.
Trust in you no matter what our circumtances are.



  1. Cool post !
    Snow is cool :)
    Here it is very warm, sunny, sweaty, dusty, huh...
    One more month to go before monsoon rains :)
    Hopefully we get good rains in the evenings in May :) But thunder and lightning makes it scary !
    That prayer is good. God bless !
    Thanks Joy :)

  2. Thanks Rajiv.i supposed I just have to be thankful for the snow:)
    Thanks for liking my prayer:)
    GOD bless you too;)

  3. Hey Joy!
    These are beautiful pictures, it seems Mr. Winter is not ready to leave yet. huh? It is the same over here, although we don't have snow anymore, but we do have cool temperatures, more than usual, I guess we just have to be patient, right? I hope the snow and the low temperatures don't distress your plants too much. The prayer is so beautiful, thanks for sharing it with us. Have a wonderful and blessed day, my dear friend.

    1. Thanks for your heartwarming conment Laura:)

  4. Unique contrast in the pictures. Beautiful, but so unusual. Thank heaven the doesn't now. Your prayer is a good one.

  5. I can understand your feeling. Spring and Winter came one after the other around here. We needed clothes for winter and spring. But today, there was a sudden rise in temperature. As I tans easily, I have to take care.
    Have a nice day!

  6. Same here:)
    Thanks for visiting Sarah:)

  7. Okay I admit, I don't think I expected snow in May anywhere except the north pole and South pole

  8. wow snow :) have never experienced it :)
    pero parang kawawa naman yung mga plants / flowers kapag natabunan sila ng snow...
    nice to know na nalusaw din sila kinahapunan :)

  9. Uff da, men det forsvinner vel like fort som det kom.
    Våren kan være lunefull nå så tidlig, jeg håper det gikk bra med de fine blomstene dine.
    Klem fra Marit.

  10. Oh, Joy! I am so sorry. That's exactly the kind of spring we're having here in Minnesota. Grrr!

    1. Good to know we are in the same boat Michelle:)

  11. The snow adds beauty and character to your lovely photos, Joy!

  12. Amen. Lovely photos as always, Mommy Joy. :) Enjoy the snow nalang po! :D Init po dito sa Pinas! :)

    1. Thanks Jewel:)
      If I just can, I will send snow to you:)

  13. Crazy winter for most of us, Joy... I will say though that SNOW doesn't hurt flowers/plants as much as frost or a freeze will.... Glad your snow melted quickly.

    1. Yes Betsy:) ai hope it will not snow moro this season:)

  14. Loved the prayer... especially this part 'Let our love be shown in action, not only in words.' Beautiful pictures too, you have a very pretty garden.. I think it looks nice with all the snow too. I live in hot sweltering Madras (India) so I am glad to see snow... if only in pictures!


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